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Naagin 3 season 20 April 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we how Tamsi has to get in contact with the special light of the havan and how she pushes Vishaka aside and runs away the minute Vishaka has freed her. Maahir is seen pampering Bela and spending loving time together.

Naagin 3 20 April 2019 Written Update: Tamsi’s real motive!

Today’s Naagin 3 season 20 April episode begins with Bela (Surbhi Jyoti) beginning Tamsi’s puja. Sumitra and her gang light fire all the way to the haveli. Bela tells Vishaka (Anita Hassanandani) that it is important for Tamsi to come in contact with the special light of the havan.
Bela, Mahir, Vish, and Vikrant chant the mantras. Tamsi requests Vishaka to free her. Vishaka, in her motherly love, frees Tamsi when she enacts to faints. Tamsi pushes Vishaka and runs away.
She attacks Vishaka, Mahir, Bela, and Vikrant using her evil powers. Tamsi steps out of the haveli. Sumitra inquires from Tamsi about Bela and her friends. Tamsi says they must be dead by now. Sumitra gets happy.

Bela, Vishaka, Mahir, and Vikrant come out of the haveli safely. Vishaka is worried about Tamsi. Tamsi tells Sumitra that she wants Naagmani from Bela. Bela tells her friends that she feels that Tamsi wants something from her.

Mahir and Vikrant state that Tamsi wants Naagmani from Bela. Bela says she will protect Naagmani at every cost. Mahir, Bela, Vishaka, and Vikrant come to Sehgal house. Tamsi and Sumitra mock at their defeat. Suddenly, Tamsi turns into her gigantic avatar.

Tamsi says she is not a kid but an evil soul who can never be defeated. Bela counters her by coming in her gigantic Naagin avatar. Bela tells her friends that we can control Tamsi only before she turns 18 years in age..

She says that we can reach out to Tamsi only when she is asleep. Mahir brings the CCTV footage of Tamsi’s room to learn about her sleeping time. Vikrant and Vishaka watch the video.

Later in Nagin3, Mahir pampers Bela with a sweet surprise. They spend loving time together. Bela somehow ends up getting a clue about Tamsi’s special drink through the video. The written update of 20 April 2019 Naagin 3 episode full story ends here.

In the upcoming episode of Naagin season 3 watch Bela pleading to lord Shiva for Mahir’s life. Stay tuned!

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