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In Naagin 5 Written Update Season05 Episode35 06th December 2020, we see that Bani gets visions in which she sees her family members drowning in water.

Naagin 5 Written Update S05 Ep35 06th December 2020: Bani gets worried about her visions

The episode of Naagin starts with Bani seeing Meera drowning in water and getting shocked.

Meera comes and asks Bani why she looks so shocked. Bani sees that there is no water around, and Meera is all right. Bani then thinks that she got a sign that something will be happening with water.
Veer comes to Bani and asks if she is all right. Bani replies that she is all right and asks if Veer is okay as Jai has beaten him a lot.

Veer takes Bani into the bathroom and asks her how did she escape from Maarkaat and what deal she made with Maarkaat. Bani apologizes to Veer and says that his mother was wrong and is a devil.

Veer tells Bani that he felt nice he got his mother back in his life. Bani stops Veer and says that he is in pain, but still he thought about Bani and came to her to ask if she is okay.

Jai knocks on the door. Veer asks Jai to leave as he is busy discussing something with Bani. But Bani asks Jai to come into the room. Jai asks Bani about the deal with Maarkaat. Bani says that Maarkaat made a deal with Bani and asked Bani to surrender.

Later, Bani closes her eye and see Veer drowning in a bathtub. Bani panics and shouts Viranshu. Veer comes to her and says that he is all right and why is she crying. Bani worries and goes out.

Bani then imagines that she is sleeping on the bed and has water all over her. Bani panics again. Veer rushes toward Bani and hugs her. Then, Bani and Veer go to the temple as Bani needs to figure out why she is getting the visions.

Later on, at home family gathers. Chachi asks Bani to call Meera from her room.
Bani goes to Meera’s room and is shocked to see Meera under the shower. Meera cries and says that she can’t move. Bani turns off the tap and hugs Meera.

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