In today’s Sherdil Shergill episode, Manmeet tells Raj that he has great talent and she was not aware that he thinks good about her. He asks her what she is talking about. She tells him that anyone can come to Kuku’s club to watch a stand-up comedy. Then Raj understands that Manmeet came to know the truth about him. He runs behind her and begs her to not share the truth with anyone. She tells him to stop chasing her and asks him whether he is mad. Then Raj sits down and is worried. Manmeet asks what’s the matter and why is he all sweaty. She asks him if he wants cold coffee. He says he wants poison. At Raj’s house, everyone is wondering who has sent the flower bouquet and if Raj’s girlfriend has sent it then who is she?

Then in Sherdil Shergill, Raj tells Manmeet that his father doesn’t want him to be a stand-up comedian as his Chachu died because he was a comedian by profession and was killed because of his profession. Therefore, his father doesn’t allow him to do comedy. He continues to say that he lies to his father and that he won’t do it anymore but again hides from them and continues to do it. Manmeet asks him why he wants to do it if his father doesn’t want it and if he has a good job. He says he will only do it for 3 months. He shares his dream that after three months there is a world stand-up comedian championship in Sydney, Australia, where he wants to participate and win 1 million dollars and make his father proud. Raj’s father is checking the plot and decides to increase the floor number. His secretary says that they have planned to construct a 140 floors building and they can’t increase the floors as said by Manmeet.

Lastly in Sherdil Shergill, Bapuji says that they will give Manmeet Gajar ka halwa and she will be convinced. Raj tells Manmeet that he will do anything for her and she has to promise him that she won’t tell anyone anything. Manmeet’s maid comes with Anmol and tells Manmeet that she urgently wants to go home therefore she hands Anmol to Manmeet. She has an important meeting to attend so she tells Raj to take care of Anmol for an hour. Then Manmeet attends the meeting and receives a call from her mother and her mother informs her that her sister Gunjan tries to attempt suicide as Manmeet is not coming to her wedding. Manmeet gets emotional and decides to attend the wedding with Anmol and she decides to make Raj her fake husband and take him to Sikkim. Manmeet calls Raj to meet her and shares with him her plan. Raj becomes shocked.

Picture Credit- Voot