In today’s Sherdil Shergill episode, Manmeet’s uncle-aunty and Buaji ask Raj who he is. Raj recalls Manmeet’s family tree and tells them that Anmol is Manmeet’s son and he is Manmeet’s husband. They all get shocked thinking that when Manmeet got married and when did she give birth to Anmol. In the living room, Manmeet explains to her father her fake husband’s plan. Her father gets shocked and tells Manmeet that she has gone mad. Everyone will keep asking them about Raj and Anmol and what will they answer. Manmeet tells her father to focus on Gunjan’s wedding and not to think about Manmeet’s plan. Manmeet tells her father that she can’t leave Anmol and come here alone and she can’t come here with Anmol as everyone will ask her about her husband which indirectly will let them down. Manmeet shares that the fake husband idea was of Gunjan.

Then in Sherdil Shergill, Manmeet’s father asks her what if people start asking about where they got married, and when did she give birth to Anmol, then what will they answer? Manmeet tells her father to blame everything on her and tells everyone that he was not ready for their marriage but she ran away with Raj and got married in the temple and gave birth to Anmol. Manmeet’s father tells her that even Gunjan’s mother-in-law is coming and that if she comes to know the truth, she will cause trouble. Manmeet assures her father that she will handle everything. Ajeet, Manmeet’s father tells Manmeet that he will not take part in their drama and he tells her that he was making her understand from the past four years that without a man a woman is nothing, she doesn’t have respect and nor can she make her own identity without her husband. He also adds that even today she needed support from Raj to back up her plan.

Lastly in Sherdil Shergill, Manmeet tells her father that she would have come along with her son but she brought Raj so that nobody would point their finger at her parents and talk about her identity, she has made her identity herself and she doesn’t need anybody’s help to make her name, she is capable of it. Then Manmeet goes down and apologizes to her uncle-aunty and Buaji. They forgive her and hug her and also bless her and Raj. They then start playing with Anmol. Manmeet’s mother tells her husband to come down as their grandson has come home for the first time. He refuses to come down but later he comes down. They all play with Anmol. Manmeet confronts Gunjan and asks her why she took such a drastic step. Gunjan tells her that he/she would have not done such a drama then they all would have not come to her wedding. They all go up and their housekeeper comes with the luggage and asks where to keep it. Everyone tells him to keep the bags in Manmeet’s room. Raj and Manmeet are shocked to learn that they will have to sleep together.

Picture Credit- Voot