In today’s Sherdil Shergill episode, Raj tells everyone that he can sleep in the guest room also. Uncle says that now Anmol is also born so if they don’t sleep together it’s fine. Raj says that he has a habit of snoring and his snoring can disturb Anmol and Manmeet’s sleep, so he will sleep separately. Raj receives a call and he receives it. Nikki video calls Raj and asks him romantically if he reached his destination. Everyone listens to her voice and asks who she is. Buaji asks if Raj has two wives. Manmeet comes to the rescue and tells that it is Raj’s sister who has called to see Anmol. Manmeet takes the phone towards Anmol and tells Nikki to not call again as they are busy. Then they all go to their room. At night Manmeet stands outside their house.

Then in Sherdil Shergill, Manmeet’s father comes to her and gives her a shawl and tells her to wear it as she was not here for 4 years so she might not be able to cope with the weather. He asks her how everything is going on in her life. She tells that everything is fine and she is about to leave and her father calls her ‘Chitti’ which is her pet name. Manmeet waits and tells her father that she felt good to hear Chitti from his mouth after so many years. Her father tells her that he might scold her for her mistakes but his love for his daughter always remains. He blesses her and goes from there. Manmeet feels happy. Manmeet’s mother Puneet, tells Manmeet’s father that she is going to Manmeet’s room to sleep with her and Raj will come to sleep in this room as they are a duplicate husband and wife. Ajeet says that he will not sleep beside Raj and tells her to send Raj to the guest room. Puneet tells that all rooms are full and tells him to adjust for four days.

Lastly in Sherdil Shergill, Raj and Manmeet meet and Raj asks Manmeet why she told everyone that Nikki is his sister, she could have said that Nikki is her sister. Manmeet tells him to thank her as she saved him in front of everyone. Raj asks where Anmol is. Manmeet says that everyone is playing with him. Raj asks if Papaji took Anmol in his hands. Manmeet gets emotional and tells Raj that her father has not yet accepted Anmol and he still calls Anmol a cheez (thing) brought from a market. She says that she should get the punishment for her mistakes and not her son. Raj tries to confront Manmeet and tells her that he will convince her father. Puneet sees this and thinks that they are real husband-wife and tells Manmeet’s father about it and she decides to sleep in her room and Manmeet and Raj will sleep together.

Picture Credit- Voot