In today’s Sherdil Shergill episode, Manmeet tells Hussain that his plan to pose Raj as her husband is a silly one. Raj looks dashing and doesn’t work at the office, so Hussain believes it’s better she can bring him along. Manmeet refuses and witnesses Raj leaving the office. She makes the decision to follow him in order to see where he goes. To find out if Manmeet’s decision is definite, Gunjan phones her. She declares that Anmol must accompany her as she will not leave her alone. Raj walks into the club. The guards inform Manmeet that visitors must enter at a different door. She asks what place it actually is and finds it is Kukku’s club. When Manmeet enters, she hears the host introducing Mamaji Yadav’s stage act. Raj walking onto the stage astounds her.

Then in Sherdil Shergill, Raj begins performing stand-up comedy and makes jokes about how everyone refers to him as Mamaji Yadav because he was born after two older sisters and already has a niece and a nephew. Then he moves on to discussing Manmeet, his boss, explaining how she is from a small Himachal Pradesh city but lords over all the men and changes herself from Shergill to Sherdil. Manmeet grinned and was moved by what he said. Raj commends Manmeet for having the strength to manage everyone properly. He advises them to applaud as loudly as they can even though he is not on any platform and cannot be liked or subscribed to. Manmeet applauds him as well. To make Manmeet feel guilty for not altering her decision, Gunjan drinks poisonous substances in an attempt to commit suicide.

Later in Sherdil Shergill, Gunjan is hurried to the hospital by her parents. When Raj gets home, he discovers his intoxicated father waiting in the hallway. Mr. Yadav tells him to sit beside him. Raj apologizes for the flower arrangement. Mr. Yadav tells Raj that he is more concerned with Raj’s frequent late arrivals than with the flowers. Raj makes up for the fact that he put in extra hours for the skylight project. When his father offers him a drink, he replies that he doesn’t drink. Mr. Yadav asks that just because he cannot perform on stage after drinking. Raj is stunned. Mr. Yadav begins by telling the tale of his younger brother Bhuvan, a stand-up comic who was once brutally murdered by the villagers for making fun of the Sarpanch, and whose family fled to Mumbai out of fear.

Lastly in Sherdil Shergill, Raj says that he is already aware of this and he has promised him 100 times that he won’t do it. Mr. Yadav gives Raj a hug and tells him he won’t continue their relationship if he pursues comedy, adding that he doesn’t want to lose Raj. Raj is astonished when Manmeet calls the next day to invite him to her house. Raj receives a lunchbox from Manmeet, who instructs him to present it to his mother because she cooked gajar ka halwa for her before and now she prepared a special Himachali dish for her. Raj clarifies if she only called to tell him this. Manmeet asks him why he never tells her directly how much he respects her. He is startled. Raj is in disbelief because he believes Manmeet told his father about his stage performance. Manmeet repeats the same lines from his performance from last night.

Picture Credit- Voot