The episode of Splitsvilla 13 starts with Ranvijay sending a scroll to all the Splitsvillans in which it is mentioned that Vyomesh will not continue the Splitsvilla journey due to some health issues. Arushi is upset that Vyomesh has to leave midway. Vyomesh bids goodbye to all.

Later, all the Splitsvillans come to the challenge location. Ranvijay welcomes them, he says that Splitsvillans must be tired of playing physical test, and today they will get rest. Ranvir says today’s task name is ‘Hum Aap Ke Hai Kon’. In the task, all the girls will be having a big phone behind them. There are 32 App near Sunny Leone, so in every round girl will like to dedicate an App for one of the girls. Then every boy will get a chance to put stars on the App. If the app gets 3 stars then the App gets valid.

The task starts.
In 1st round, Sapna takes the ‘Meantra’ App and gives it to Nikita. Arushi gives the ‘Potty Mouth’ App to Pallak. Pallak gives the ‘Book a stylist’ App to Arushi. Nikita gives a ‘Chudail alert’ App to Bhoomika. Kat gives ‘Book your man’ to Arushi. Aditi-Bhoomika gives ‘Bhedchaal Ban’ and ‘Dumbometer’ to Avantika. Avantika gives the ‘Snake chat’ App to Bhoomika.
Then the boys get the chance to put a star on the Apps. Boys do their work well. 2nd round happens the same way.

In the 3rd round, girls get 2 Apps to put in other girls’ mobile. Sapna gives ‘Drama TV’ to Bhoomika and her 2nd App ‘Romato’ to Arushi. Aditi gives ‘Chamchi Mania’ to Avantika and ‘Bewakoof company’ to Arushi. Kat gives ‘Undeserving Queen’ to Aditi. Nikita gives ‘Anti Chugli Churan’ and ‘Badboo freshener to Bhoomika. Avantika gets an ‘IQ booster’ from Bhoomika. Avantika gives ‘Grooming School’ to Aditi.
Ranvijay again asks the boys to give their stars to the Apps. Kat does not get any App. Ranvijay says after the scores there will be repercussions, which worries everyone, all the mobiles were filled with Apps and few very valid too, as they got 3 stars.