The episode of Splitsvilla starts with Sapna Malik and Devashish Chandiramani entering the location. Nikhil introduces them as wild villans and says that they did not win any luck draw, but there was a show called wild villa for 6 people and they were competing to get into Splitsvilla. Nikhil Chinappa leaves saying that he was here just to deliver wild villans and there are no more surprises. Nikhil then thinks that he has lied to the Splitsvillans that there are no surprises, but eventually Nikhil has delivered 2 wild villans with 3 secret tasks each.

After Nikhil leaves, everyone gets to interact with each other. Sapna meets Kevin as they know each other from Roadies and Kevin introduces everyone. Nikita is worried that she did not pick Devashish during the live audition, so he can take revenge on her. Sapna and Devashish go around the villa and then try to know what all is happening in the villa.

Kevin tries to pair up Dhruv with Sapna, so he asks Dhruv to sing for Sapna. Dhruv sings Enna Sonna song for Sapna and impresses her. Sapna 1st challenges were to trip a bit and all the boys she holds her, so when Sapna was around boys she trips a bit, Dhruv and Shivam hold her.
Devashish got a challenge to throw a pillow on someone. Devashish chooses Vyomesh and when Vyomesh tried to explain what he has done till now in the villa, that time Devashish throws a pillow on him. Sapna thinks she needs to do her task and help Devashish, so she calls Palak, Riya and Aditi and asks Devashish to impress him. Devashish’s next task was to impress girls and take something from them as a token of love. Devashish dances and impress them and then asks them to give some of their belongings as his luggage is not yet come. So, Devashish gets a hairdryer, hairbrush and toothpaste.

Sapna’s next task was to throw a girl’s clothes in the pool and her last tasks were to start a fight between 2 girls. Sapna goes to Riya and says she wants to do something evil. Sapna says she wants to throw some girl’s clothes. Riya agrees. Later, Sapna sees Nikita taunting Aditi, so she goes and provokes Aditi and starts the fight. Devashish’s last task was to start a fight between 2 boys. Devashish goes and provokes Nikhil and his group against Dhruv, but they don’t respond. Devashish then goes and provokes Dhruv against Shivam and starts a fight. The fights get intense.

After some time, Nikhil comes to them and says he lied to them and he has given some secret tasks to the wild villans. Nikhil asks Sapna and Devashish to reveal their secret task and asks if they completed it or not. Sapna says she completed her 2 tasks and couldn’t complete the last task, as there was an intense fight. Devashish says he completed all 3 tasks.
Nikhil asks the Splitsvillans to decide who did their task well. All the Splitsvillans vote for Sapna and she wins the voting and gets a privilege to partner with some and perform in the golden opportunity challenge.