The episode of Splitsvilla starts with Dhruv talking to Sapna. Sapna got an opportunity to select a partner and play in the golden challenge. Dhruv tries to convince Sapna to choose him, as they can be a perfect match.
The next day, Kat tries to talk to Nikita and asks her to pair up with someone. Nikita cries and says everyone in the villa says that Nikita cannot perform well as she is girly. Nikita gets upset and wants to leave the show.

After some time, all the splitsvillans gather at the task location. Sunny Leone and Ranvijay welcome them. Ranvijay says today Sapna will get a chance to perform in the golden opportunity challenge. He explains to Sapna that if she wins the challenge, she and her partner will go to the golden villa. Ranvijay asks Sapna to select a partner. Sapna selects Dhruv.

Ranvijay says Sapna can challenge a girl from the silver villa. Sapan says she will challenge Samrudhi. Ranvijay says in this challenge there should be 2 girls and 2 boy so Sapna gets to choose a couple from the gold villa and Samrudhi has to choose a couple from the silver villa. Sapna-Dhruv chooses Kat-Kevin and Samrudhi-Trevon chooses Nikita-Samarthya.

Sunny introduces the challenge to the splitsvillans, which is “Dil Badlo”. Ranvijay then explains the task. He says that a girl from each team will stand on a ramp where oil will be dripping from a pot. They should take the oil and apply it all over their body, then they have to slide down and roll around the heart on the ground and let the hearts stick on their body. The other girl from their team will also apply oil on their body and have to collect the heart for their partner without using their hand.
Lastly, the boy from their team has to dance and the girl has to copy him so that all the hearts fall, and he can collect the hearts and stick them on the blue hearts. Ranvijay says whose so ever heart will be best will win the challenge.

The tasks start, and all the girls start applying oil on the body. Kat and Nikita apply oil to their body and slide down to collect the hearts. Then they transfer their hearts to their partner. Samarthya and Kevin were at the last to collect the hearts and make the blue heart red.
The task ends and the competition was very close. Sunny Leone checks the heart and announces Sapna, the winner. Ranvijay says Samarthya had collected more hearts, but Kevin arranged the hearts well. Sapna-Dhruv and Kat-Kevin win the task.

Later, all the splitsvillans arrive at the dome session. Ranvijay greets them and says today Sapna-Dhruv or Kat-Kevin will get a chance to go to the oracle and find out of they are an ideal match. Sunny asks all the splitsvillans to pair up with their partners. Sunny then says that today a couple will be dumped.
Ranvijay asks Dhruv-Sapan and Kat-Kevin to write a couple’s name each. He also that the other members from the golden villa will get to save a couple each.

After the voting, Kat and Kevin get a chance to go to the oracle and surprisingly they become an ideal match, which also means that Jay-Aditi will be dumped, as Kat-Kavin wrote their name.
Ranvijay asks the other gold Villa couples, whom they saved. Vyomesh-Arushi saved Bhoomika-Devashish and Nikhil-Avantika saved Jay-Aditi. Ranvijay says Nikhil has saved Jay and Aditi, which means they will not be dumped.