The episode of Splitsvilla starts with Kat-Kevin getting a gift from Denver as they were the 1st ideal match in Splitsvilla 13. Arushi is happy that she was in the golden villa with Vyomesh. They both strategise that they have to give their best and be in a gold villa.

Meanwhile, Sapna tells Nikita that Bhoomika is trying to turn her against Nikita and the group. Nikita confronts Bhoomika and they argue.

Later, all the the boys realise that all the girls from the silver villa are missing. They get ready and go to the task location for the silver connection challenge. Ranvijay asks the splitsvillans why they call some couples, love birds. Shivam says love birds are those couples who have newly fallen in love. Sunny Leone explains that love birds are those who stick together forever.

Ranvijay says he will show them how actually love birds look and calls all the girls who were missing. All the girls enter dressed like love birds with brushes on their head, on the waist like a tail and on the hands like wings. Ranvijay says all the girls have given different colors and they have to paint the canvas. Sunny says she wants all the boys to be the canvas and let the girls paint them.

Ranvijay explains the task and says there will be 4 rounds; in 1st round, girls will use their head brush and which 2 colors will be least seen will not get to play the 2nd round. 2nd round girls have to use their tail and the 1 color which will be least seen will not go in the 3rd round. In the 3rd round, girls have to use their hand. In the 4th round, girls can use anything head, tail or wings and Sunny will decide 2 winners.

Sunny says the task is called Painter Panchhi. The task starts. After 1st round, Samrudhi and Pallak don’t get a chance to play in 2nd round. After the 2nd round, Janvi doesn’t get a chance to play the future and after 3 round, Bhoomika doesn’t get to play further.
In the last round, Aditi, Riya and Nikita have to paint their canvas. They play it well. Nikita and Aditi win the silver connection challenge.

Later, Nikita confesses to Samarthya that she feels that there is a bond forming between them and she likes him.