The episode of Splitsvilla starts with all the splitsvilla coming to the task location. Sunny Leone greets everyone. Ranvijay says today Aditi and Nikita will get a chance to perform a golden opportunity challenge. Ranvijay says Aditi-Jay and Nikita-Samarthya can challenge any couple from the gold villa except Kat-Kevin as they are an ideal match. Jay challenges Vyomesh-Arushi and Nikita challenges Avantika-Nikhil.

Ranvijay says today’s task will be in 2 parts and in the 1st part the boys who are playing the task will have to take love bites from all the girls. A girl will be having 5 love bites and to 1 boy she can give 2 love bites. The task is, boys have to do whatever the girl says and impress them to get the love bites. The boys have to collect maximum love bites they can, and that will be effective for them in their 2nd round. All the girls will be given a crown with a snake on it, whenever boys will impress them, they can give boys the snakebites which will be their love bites.

Ranvijay says the tasks name is ‘Dasi You Phasi’. He says that all the splitsvillians have to go back to and the boys will get 1hour to impress girls and take love bites. The tasks start and Sapna first asks Vyomesh to carry her on his shoulder and roam in the entire villa, Vyomesh does his task well and gets his 2 love bites. Nikhil impresses Riya by dancing with her and earns 2 love bites. Bhoomika asks Jay to apply nail paint and gives him 2 love bites. Samarthya asks Nikita what he can do for her. Nikita asks him to kiss her on her cheeks and gives him 2 loves bites.

The tasks go on, Nikita asks Nikhil to wash her shoes, but then decides not to give him the love bite. Vyomesh impresses Aditi and asks love bite from her. Nikhil reminds Aditi that she has challenged Vyomesh and she cannot let him win. Aditi apologises to Vyomesh and doesn’t give him the bites. Nikita plays a game, she doesn’t have any love bite left, but she makes Nikhil carry her and roam around the villa. Nikhil gets pissed. After the task, Samarthya get 15 love bites, Nikhil gets 13, Vyomesh gets 12 and Jay gets 10.

Ranvijay greets all the splitsvillans again and explains to them the next task. In the next task, boys will be standing behind a wall and on the other side girls will sit on a swing and their helper will help them to swing. Girls have to throw water balloons at their partners and to win the task, girls need to burst more number of water balloons on their partners.

The tasks start, Nikhil-Avantika and Nikita-Samarthya go 1st and Vyomesh-Arushi and Jay-Aditi go 2nd. Ranvijay says if the splitsvillans of silver villa win then they might get a chance to go in front of Oracle and but if the splitsvillans from gold villa lose, then there will be repercussions.

At the end of the task, Nikhil-Avantika burst 8 balloons and Nikita-Samarthya bursts 5 balloons, which clearly means Nikhil-Avantika won 1st round.
Vyomesh-Arushi burst 9 balloons and Jay-Aditi burst 12 balloons. Jay-Aditi wins the 2nd round. Vyomesh is upset that they will have to face the consequences as they lost.