The episode of Splitsvilla starts with all the splitsvillans planning what will be their play in the dome session. Kat tries to pair Devashish and Avantika, but on that Avantika says that Devashish is a nice guy but she connects more with Gary. Kat makes Gary and Avantika talk. Gary made it clear that he wants to perform with Janvi. Avantika feels bad and cries.
All the splitsvillans gather into the dome session. Sunny Leone and Ranvijay welcome them. Ranvijay congratulates Nikhil-Avantika and Jay-Aditi for winning the task. Kevin-Kat and Shivam get into an intense fight. After the fight, Ranvijay reminds Vyomesh-Arushi about the repercussions and says that they have to leave the gold villa and return to the silver villa.

Ranvijay says the couples who won today will get to save 4 people from the danger zone. Jay-Aditi saves Shivam, Pallak, Riya and Bhoomika. Ranvijay says that there is one couple in the gold villa who is Dhruv-Sapna, they will get to save 2 people from the danger zone. Dhruv saves Samarthya and Gary. Devashish gets disappointed with Sapna’s decision as she did not save him. Ranvijay then asks Nikhil-Avantika to write a name whom they will dump if they become an ideal match.

Ranvijay asks Jay-Aditi to select the side of the Oracle. Jai-Aditi say that they will go with the silver Oracle as they want to check their compatibility. Ranvijay then asks Nikhil and Avantika if they think they will become an ideal match or no; both deny it. Sunny Leone asks them to select the partners with who they would like to go, in front of the Oracle. Avantika chooses Gary and Nikhil chooses Bhoomika.

After the voting, Jay-Aditi win and get a chance to go in front of the Oracle. Jay-Aditi go and ask the Oracle if they are compatible or not. The Oracle says Jay-Aditi are compatible which means they get leverage.

Ranvijay says that Jai-Aditi get to decide who will stay in the gold villa from Nikhil-Avantika. Jai says he and Aditi want Nikhil to stay in the gold villa.
As there is no one who can dump someone, the ideal match will have to dump a boy and a girl from the danger zone. A difficult decision for Kevin-Kat, unwillingly they have to dump Devashish and Janvi.