The episode of Splitsvilla starts with Ranvijay sending a scroll to all the boys, asking them to get ready and meet him at the challenge location. Boys get ready and go to the task location. All girls realise that the boys are missing. Even they get ready for the task and arrive at the task location. Ranvijay and Sunny Leone greet them. Ranvijay asks what did all the girls do when all the boys disappeared. Riya says she tried to groom herself to impress Shivam.

Ranvijay says 1st impression is very important and asks the girls if someone tried any pick up lines on them. Girls reply not yet. Ranvijay says today girls will get a good experience. Ranvijay says today’s task name is ‘Khuub Ya Duub’. Ranvijay explains the task and says that he has given some situations to all the boys and they have formed some pickup lines to impress girls. Ranvijay says that he will ready the lines and girl with judge them as Yay or Nay. The boy who gets the most Nay will get a kick from the big red shoe. At last, the 2 boys who get the highest number of Yays will win the task.

Ranvijay starts the tasks and says that the 1st situation is Gym. He reads all the pickup lines and asks the girls to give their decision. In 1st round Samarthya gets the most Nay. Nikita pushes the big shoe and hit Samarthya.
The 2nd situation is Party. Ranvijay reads all the pickup lines and asks girls about their opinion. Again, Samarthya gets 6 out of 7 Nays and gets the shoe kick.
The 3rd situation is Business Meeting. Sunny reads all the pickup lines and asks everyone’s opinion. Gary gets 7 Nays and gets the shoe kick.
The 4th situation is the Wedding Buffet. Nikita tries to play safe and gives Yay to all as she doesn’t want Samarthya to lose again. Vyomesh and Jay get 5 out of 7 Nays and get the kick.
The last situation is Public Transport. Girls give their opinions; Shivam, Gary and Jay get the highest Nays.
Trevon is the 1st boy to win with 28 Yays.
Vyomesh is the 2nd one to win. Ranvijay thanks all the spiltsvillans on performing a good task.

Later, Ranvijay sends a scroll to all the splitsvillans and says they will be having a surprise dome session.