The episode of Splitsvilla 13 starts with all the Splitsvillans coming to the dome. Ranvijay and Sunny Leone greet them. Ranvijay plays music and lightens up everyone’s mood. Ranvijay says Vyomesh and Trevon won the last challenge so they have to select a partner and will get a chance to go in front of Oracle. Vyomesh chooses Arushi and Trevon chooses Samrudhi.

Ranvijay says the Oracle has only a gold side today as it’s a golden opportunity. He says that Vyomesh-Arushi or Trevon-Samrudhi will get a chance to go in front of the Oracle and find out if they are an ideal match. Ranvijay asks Vyomesh-Arushi and Trevon-Samrudhi to write a girl’s name each who they would like to dump if they become an ideal match. Sunny asks the silvervillans to write the name of the couple whom they want to go to the Oracle.

Vyomesh-Arushi say they want to dump Pallak if they will become an ideal match. Trevon-Samrudhi say they want to dump Riya if they become an ideal match. Silvervillans put their vote and Vyomesh-Arushi get a chance to go to the Oracle and find out if they are an ideal match. Vyomesh-Arushi go in front of Oracle and ask if they are an ideal match. The Oracle says Vyomesh-Arushi are not an ideal match. Everyone gets shocked.

Ranvijay says Vyomesh-Arushi did not become the ideal match and have to face consequences. He says that Vyomesh or Arushi has to go home but will get a chance to prove themselves. Ranvijay says Vyomesh-Arushi have to perform a task with a girl whom Kat-Kevin will dump. If Vyomesh-Arushi win then they can stay or someone has to leave the journey. Kat-Kevin dump Riya. Ranvijay says there will be a survival task whosoever loses will have to leave the Splitsvilla journey.

The next day, everyone gathers at the challenge location. Ranvijay greets them and asks Vyomesh-Arushi to choose a couple to help them. Arushi says they will like to ask Kat-Kevin. Kevin says a lot of people has mentioned that Vyomesh talks on his back, so he doesn’t want to play for Vyomesh-Arushi, but wants to play for Riya-Shivam. Vyomesh-Arushi asks Dhruv-Sapna to help and they agree. Riya-Shivam take Jay-Bhoomika’s help.

Ranvijay says it’s their survival challenge and the task’s name is Heart Apart. He says that boy will be with a harness and will be hanging with the help of a rope. The girls will be harness to the ground. On the other side of the rope on which the boy is hanging, there will be a scale and the helper girl from another team will have to sit on that scale. The helper boy has to get some wait by crossing the hurdles and give it to the help girl. The scale will get heavy and the boy will be lifted. The boy and girls have to hug each other and not leave. The couple which will get apart will lose.

Ranvijay starts the challenge. The challenge goes pretty well but at some point, the helper boys which are Dhruv and Jai get tired and dehydrated due to the sun. All the Splitsvillans motivate them. Vyomesh hugs Arushi tight, while Shivam loses his grip over Riya and her falls. Shivam and Riya’s heart get apart which means they lose the game and Vyomesh-Arushi win the challenge.

Sadly, Riya has to leave Splitsvilla’s journey.