It The episode of Splitsvilla 13 starts with all the splitsvillans chilling in the villa. They get a scroll in which it is written that they will be having an entertainment challenge and everyone has to put on their dancing shoes and make a dance performance which their connection. Also, in the scroll, it was mentioned that Vyomesh will not be performing the task due to a health issue. Spiltsvillans start with their rehearsals and enjoy the moment at that time.

Later, All the Splitsvillans get ready for the silver challenge and comes to the challenge location. Ranvijay welcomes them and says it will be an entertainment challenge. To cheer up the Spiltsvillans, Sunny Leone dances on the ‘Laila Mei Laila’ song. Ranvijay asks Sunny to give some tips to the Splitsvillans. Sunny asks everyone to remove all the thoughts from the mind and just smile and be confident.

Ranvijay says 2 couples will win the challenge; 1 will be from the golden villa and 1 will be for the silver villa. Ranvijay says Jai-Aditi will be the 1st one to perform. Jai-Aditi dance on ‘Goriya Churana Mera Jiya’. Jai gave a dance performance for the 1st time but it was incredible. Ravijay compliments them. Sunny says Trevon-Samrudhi will go next. Trevon again being a non-dancer, give his best. They dance on ‘Nashe Se Chad Gayi’.

Next, go Shivam-Pallak. They dance on ‘Chokra Javan Re’. They give an amazing performance and heat the moment. Sunny says next will be Samarthya-Nikita. Nikita is not into dance but they show their chemistry with their performance. The dance on a romantic song ‘Kafirana’. The last performance in the silver villa is done by Gary-Avantika-Arushi. The depicting their Splitsvilla journey on ‘Bang Bang’ song.

Ranvijay says that now the gold villa will be performing and starts with the ideal match, Kat-Kevin. Kat-Kevin both cannot dance but they show their chemistry on the ‘Kya Baat Hai’ song. Sunny then asks Dhruv- Sapna to show their moves. Dhruv-Sapna dance on ‘Kala Chashma’. Lastly, Nikhil-Bhoomika whirl the stage with their mind-blowing performance. They dance to the ‘Ole Ole’ song.

It’s time for the results. Sunny says from the golden villa Nikhil-Bhoomika won the challenge and from the silver villa, Shivam-Pallak won the challenge.

Lastly, Miesha Iyer and Ashish Bhatia give a rocking performance.