The episode of Splitsvilla 13 starts with all the splitsvillians getting a scroll. Ranvijay asks them to get ready and meet him at the challenge location for their golden opportunity challenge. Nikhil, Shivam and Jai plan their strategy. All the splitsvillans get ready and arrive at the challenge location. Ranvijay welcomes them and says today Shivam-Pallak and Nikhil-Bhoomika will get to play, they have to select one couple each to help them. And whoever wins both couples can get a chance to go in front of Oracle. Shivam-Pallak takes Jai-Aditi and Nikhil-Bhoomika goes with Trevon-Samrudhi.

Sunny says today’s challenge name is Bun Bun Ke. Ranvijay says they have to make a hotdog. Ranvijay and Sunny explain the task. 2 girls will become the bun, 1 boy will become the chef and the 4th boy will become the sausage. Sunny says to make a hotdog, they’ve to toast the buns and for that, the girls will be in a rotating rotisserie toaster and the chef will help them to keep moving around in a circle. Then the chef will put the 2 girls on a tray and then add the sausage(the 4 the boy). The tray will be like a skateboard and the chef has to push it to get the mint sauce. There will some mustard sauce filled in the ballon and will be handing in the wall. The 2 girls have to hit the sausage boy against the wall and burst the balloons. And on the last stage, they have to become hotdog and their chef will wrap them into a foil. The team which will do it quicker will win the challenge.

From the 1st team, Jai was the chef, Aditi-Pallak were buns and the sausage was Shivam. The tasks start. Jai and Shivam help the buns roll. They travel on the skateboard and put mint sauce on Shivam sausage. Then girls hit the sausage on the wall to break the mustard ballons and Jai lastly wraps the sausage into a foil.

From the 2nd team, Nikhil was the sausage, Bhoomika-Samrudhi were the buns and Trevon was the chef. Nikhil made up his mind that he will down perform so that his friends will win. Trevon gives his best, but Nikhil performs the task very slow.

After the task, Ranvijay says that there was only 4 seconds gap in both teams. Shivam-Pallak and Jai-Aditi’s total time was 2 minutes 17 seconds, Nikhil-Bhoomika and Trevon-Samrudhi’s score was 2 minutes 21 seconds. Shivam-Pallak and Jai-Aditi win the task.

In the evening, everyone gets ready for their dome session and arrives at the done. Sunny and Ranvijay greets them. Ranvijay says the golden villa couple will get a chance to save one couple from the silver villa. Ranvijay says Nikhil-Bhoomika lost the challenge so they will not get the opportunity. Sunny asks Dhruv-Sapna to save a couple. They save Vyomesh and Arushi.

Ranvijay says from Jai-Aditi and Shivam Pallak, 1 couple will get a chance to go to the Oracle. Ranvijay says that Jai-Aditi are already compatible so they will have to go to the golden Oracle. He asks Shivam-Pallak which side they would like to go. They say Silver. The villa puts their vote. Jai-Aditi wins the voting. Ranvijay says whom they will dump if they become an ideal match. Jai says Trevon-Samrudhi.

Jai-Aditi goes in front of the Oracle and asks if they are an ideal match. The Oracle says Jai and Aditi are an ideal match. Trevon and Samrudhi get dumped as Jai and Aditi becomes an ideal match.

Ranvijay says Kat-Kevin will get a chance to save 1 from Trevon and Samrudhi. Kat-Kevin saves Trevon. Trevon makes a promise that he will kick all the backstabbers out of splitsvilla, his connection was dumped as Jai-Aditi backstabbed them.