Avantika asks Samarthya if he will perform with her. Samarthya makes it clear that he will perform with Avantika just to save her. Nikhil and Bhoomika go on a romantic jacuzzi date. They have a deep conversation and enjoy their date. Palak somehow comes to know about the date and gets upset with Nikhil and Bhoomika.

Later, everyone gets ready and comes to the challenge location. Sunny Leone welcomes everyone. Ranvijay says they will get a 5-star restaurant experience. Ranvijay says today the golden connection challenge, Arushi and Avantika have to select a partner; if they win the challenge then they will get the chance to go in front of the Oracle. Arushi and Avantika want Trevon to pair with them Trevon says he will go with Arushi. Avantika asks Samarthya if he will play with her. Samarthya agrees. Ranvijay asks them to select an ideal match for their help. Arushi asks Kat-Kevin if they will help her. Kevin agrees. Avantika-Samarthya goes with Jai-Aditi.

Ranvijay then explains the task. He says they have arranged a beautiful restaurant where the ideal matches will be sitting and they will be served 7-course meals. He says that Avantika-Samarthya and Arushi-Trevon will have to get 7 dishes clearing 3 obstacles and have to serve to the opposite ideal match. Ranvijay says there will be no time limit. He says Nikhil-Bhoomika will be the managers who will judge their work.

The tasks start and the manager asks them to get the welcome drink. Trevon carefully clears all the hurdles, while Avantika keeps the tray in the sand. While Arushi drops the tray and Avantika drops the drink.

The next dish was soup. Arushi and Samarthya get the soup. Arushi removes her show with her hands as she couldn’t balance herself. Avantika keeps the tray on the sand and role on the sand to complete the obstacles. The task goes on and the ideal matches enjoy their meals. Also, the ideal matches ask Trevon and Samarthya to entertain them.

After the task, Ranvijay asks the manager to give the result. Nikhil-Bhoomika makes their decision and says that Arushi-Trevon did better than Avantika-Samarthya. Ranvijay asks Avantika-Samarthya if the decision is fair. They say no. Sunny Leone invites the General Manager of one of the best restaurants in Kerala, Jay Kumar. Ranvijay says that Jay Kumar was watching and will make the decision very accurate.

Jay Kumar comes and points out their mistake and says that according to him Avantika-Samarthya were better than Arushi-Trevon. Ranvijay says the actual winners are Avantika and Samarthya.