The episode of Splitsvilla 13 starts with Avantika having a breakdown. She cries and says she performs for everyone, yet all are against her including her best friend. Nikita is upset that Avantika chose Samarthya to perform.
Later, everyone gets ready and comes for the next dome session. Sunny Leone welcomes everyone. Ranvijay says Samarthya-Avantika won the challenge so they might get a chance to in front of the Oracle. Ranvijay asks Samarthya-Avantika to save one couple who will compete with them to go in front of the Oracle. Samarthya-Avantika saves Nikita-Trevon. Sunny asks Sapna-Dhruv to save one person and they save Arushi. Ranvijay asks Trevon-Nikita and Samarthya-Avantika which side they would like to choose of the Oracle. They say silver.

Ranvijay asks the remaining splitsvillans to put their votes. The silver splitsvillans choose Trevon-Nikita to go in front of the Oracle. Ranvijay says if Trevon-Nikita becomes a compatible match then they will get the power to send a couple from golden villa to silver villa. Ranvijay says the ideal match who won today will also get the power, to dump one person or save one couple.

Sunny asks Trevon-Nikita to go to the Oracle. Trevon-Nikita goes in front of Oracle and asks if they are compatible or not. The Oracle claims that Trevon-Nikita is a compatible match. They also get the power to get a couple back from golden villa to silver villa. Trevon-Nikita chooses Nikhil-Bhoomika to send back to the silver villa.
Ranvijay asks Jai-Aditi to give their decision. Jai says they already have made their decision and they would like to save Nikhil-Bhoomika. Ranvijay says Jai-Aditi had the power to eliminate someone but they decided to save his friends, so no one will be eliminated. Ranvijay says Jai-Aditi saved Nikhil-Bhoomika, so Nikita-Trevon has to choose one person from Sapna and Dhruv. Trevon says he wants Dhruv to come back to the silver villa.

The next day, Ranvijay sends a scroll and asks both ideal matches to make their teams and come to the task location. Kat-Kevin chooses Samarthya-Nikita, Sapna-Dhruv and Gary-Avantika. Jai-Aditi chooses Nikhil-Bhoomika, Shivam-Pallak and Arushi-Trevon.

Ranvijay says today’s task name is Couple Goal. He says that there will 2 rounds. In 1st round, all the girls have to try to get the ball from the other team and score their goals. The boys will be holding the goal rings on their shoulders, the girls from their team should pass the ball to each other and score the goal. In 2nd round, the Goal rings will be hanging, the boys will have to pass the ball and score goals for their team. Sunny says the team who will score all 6 goals in 15 minutes will win or the highest number of goals will win.

The game starts. All the girls pass the ball and try to score a goal for their team. Aditi-Pallak-Bhoomika-Arushi scores 3 goals back to back. After the 1st round, Kat’s team had scored 1 goal and Aditi’s team had scored 4 goals.
In round 2, Kevin’s team score 5 goals back to back and gets the score equal. Ranvijay asks them to play the penalty round. Kevin-Kat-Gary and Jai-Bhoomika-Trevon play the penalty round. Kat-Kevin’s team wins as they score 2 goals and Jai-Aditi’s team loses and they could score any goal in the penalty round.