The episode of Splitsvilla 13 starts with Kat-Kevin and his team enjoying the moment as they win the challenge. Aditi is upset with Nikita as she hit her on her face while performing though it was unintentional.

The next day, Splitsvillans receive a scroll on which it is written that all the couples from the winning team will get to go on a date and have some good time with each other. Everyone from the winning team gets ready and reaches the date location. Dhruv-Sapna goes on a romantic pool date. Dhruv expresses his feelings to Sapna by singing a romantic song. Samarthya-Nikita goes on a romantic garden date, while Gary-Avantika date is on a boathouse. Gary tries to keep all the past things aside and asks Avantika to make a fresh start with him. Kat-Kevin goes on a romantic Jacuzzi date. Kat sorts out all the misunderstandings between them and gets romantic.

Later, Everyone gets ready for the next task and arrives at the task location. Ranvijay welcomes everyone and says today they will have the golden opportunity challenge in which the winners might get a chance in front of Oracal to find out if they are the ideal match or not. Ranvijay says Kat-Kevin, Sapna-Dhruv, Samarthya-Nikita and Gray-Avantika won the last challenge so they will compete with each other. He says that Kat and Kevin are already an ideal match so they won’t perform. Sunny asks Sapna-Dhruv to choose a couple from the losing team to compete with. They choose Arushi-Trevon. Ranvijay says Sapna-Dhruv will compete with Arushi-Trevon and Samarthya-Nikita will compete with Gary-Avantika.

Ranvijay says the challenge name is ‘Love Letters’ and explains the task. He says in the 1st round, boys will get a T-shirt with a code, but the code will appear only when the T-shirt gets wet, so the girls have to be the fitness trainer and ask the boys to do the exercise. Ranvijay says the boys will sweat and the T-shirt will get wet. They have to open a lock with that code and collect the letters.

In the 2nd round, boys will be blindfolded and have to carry their partners on their shoulders and find some more letters. Ranvijay says the girls have to guide the boys but they cannot say the direction. He says they have to keep some cute name for the direction and then guide them.

In the 3rd round, the girls have to climb a rope and get the sack of letters. Then there are some words on the board which are incomplete, so the girls should guide the boys and complete the words. Those who will complete more words will win.

The task starts. Samarthya-Nikita and Gary-Avantika go in the 1st round. They do their part well but get stuck on the last round as they could get the word right. Avantika couldn’t instruct Gary well as she gets confused in the spelling. Nikita and Samarthya have better coordination, so they perform well and win the round.

Dhruv-Sapna and Arushi-Trevon go in the 2nd round. Arushi-Trevon takes the lead. Sapna-Dhruv lags, but they cover their lag while setting the words. Arushi instructs Trevon calmly where Sapna panics and couldn’t give her best. Arushi-Trevon wins the round.