The episode of Splitsvilla 13 starts with all the splitsvillans getting ready and coming to the task location. Sunny Leone welcomes them. Ranvijay asks the splitsvillans how they feel as there are not equal numbers of girls and boys in the villa and everyone has their connection. Everyone says it’s going on well. Pallak argues with Nikhil as she is insecure about Nikhil-Bhoomika.

Ranvijay says in today’s tasks girls will be in 2 teams, which will be Team Kat and Team Aditi(The ideal matches). Ranvir says there is a bowl in which he has written the girls name; Kat-Aditi will come one by one and pick the chits and whosoever’s name come will be in their team. After picking the chits, Team Kat has Kat, Bhoomika, Sapna and Pallak, while Team Aditi has Aditi, Nikita and Arushi.

Ranvijay says today’s challenge name is ‘Pyar Maar Kalakar’ in which boys will come one by one and pick a chit from the bowl. In the chit, there will be a Bollywood movie name which they have to enact and the girls will guess. He says that at a time only one team from the girls will get to guess, so for that, the girl has to run and ring the gong, and then they will get a chance to guess the movie. If girls guess the movie right then they will get 1 point while that boy will get 3 hearts and if the girls couldn’t guess it right then the boy will get 3 punches.

Ranvijay says the team with the highest score will win the task and boys who have the most hearts on him will also win the task. The tasks start. Shivam and Nikhil enact well and get 3 hearts. Samarthya impresses everyone with his cuteness and his acting. All the boys did their task well.

Team Aditi wins the task with 8 points and Arushi impresses everyone with her running speed. Ranvijay says Team Aditi has won, which means Aditi, Arushi and Nikita are safe. Dhruv also wins the tasks and wins 6 hearts.