The episode of Splitsvilla 13 starts with Nikhil getting upset with Shivam as he is trying to make a connection with Pallak. Aditi and Jai try to solve the misunderstanding between Nikhil-Pallak. Nikhil and Pallak misunderstanding increases when Bhoomika confesses in front of Pallak that she feels for Nikhil. Aditi is upset as her group is parting. Jai takes Aditi on a surprise date to cheer up her mood.

The next day, all the splitsvillans get ready and come to the task location. The task is a beachside. Ranvijay welcomes them and says that today except the ideal matches, all are unsafe. He says 4 couples will get to play and the remaining splitsvillans will directly go into the unsafe zone. Ranvijay says from the last silver connection task, they already have 3 couples who won and they need one more couple. The silver connection task winners were Sapna-Dhruv, Nikita-Samarthya and Arushi-Trevon. Ranvijay asks them to select a couple from Pallak-Shivam and Bhoomika-Nikhil.

Sapna chooses Pallak-Shivam. Ranvijay then explains the task. The task’s name is Moja-E- Moja. Ranvijay says the girls will become a firefighter and will have to save their love. He says that boys will be tied behind a door. The girl will get a small bicycle with which they have to drop all the flags of the colour which is allotted to them. Then the girls have to untangle the rope. After the rope, the girl has to smell some socks and find out their connection’s socks. Then they have to set off the fire by pulling the button with the rope. Once they pull the button, the fire will set off and the girl can break that door.

Ranvir says whoever’s door the girl will break, she has to go in front of the Oracle. The task begins.
Sapna-Dhruv and Pallak-Shivam win that task.

Later, everyone gets ready and comes for their next dome session. Sunny Leone welcomes everyone. Ranvijay says today Sapna-Dhruv or Pallak-Shivam will get a chance to go in front of the Oracle. He says if a couple will become an ideal match then the person’s name they wrote will be dumped. Ranvijay says the main power is with the ideal match winning the silver connection task. They will write a name person’s name whom they want to dump and if a couple becomes an ideal match then they will get a chance to steal the ideal match’s power.

Ranvijay says the new ideal match will have to guess the name which Jay-Aditi has written, if they guess it right then they will get the power. Ranvijay asks the villa to vote. Dhruv and Sapna win and get a chance to go in front of the Oracle.

Dhruv-Sapna becomes an ideal match and they have an opportunity to steal Jay-Aditi’s power by guessing the name which they have written. Dhruv-Sapna guesses Ayushi’s name. Ranvijay asks Jay to reveal the name. Sadly, it turns out to be Samarthya. Dhruv-Sapna loses their power and Samarthya gets dumped.