The episode of Splitsvilla 13 starts with all the Splitsvillans coming back to their villa. Nikita is upset as Samarthya leaves. The Let’s Do It group consoles Nikita. On the other side, Jay asks Shivam if he is comfortable performing the task with Bhoomika so that Nikhil and Pallak will get to perform together. Shivam says Nikhil has already gone in front of the Oracle and did not become the ideal match, so now he wants to go with Pallak in front of the Oracle and find out if they are an ideal match. Nikhil argues with Shivam. Shivam gets upset as he feels cornered by everyone.

The next day, all the Splitsvillans get ready and arrive at the task location. Ranvijay and Sunny Leone welcome them. Ranvijay says that they have gathered to do an interesting activity. Ranvijay says that they will come to know how much Splitsvillans know themselves better. Sunny Leone says that people say that there some people talk behind their back, so today they will be revealing some statements which the Splitsvillans have said to them.

Ranvijay explains the task. He says that he will tell the Splitsvillans that someone has said such statements about them and they have to guess who said the statement from the other Splitsvillans and throw a bucket of fish water on them. Ranvijay mentions that if a boy wants to throw water on any girl, they can ask their connection or any girl from the villa.

The tasks start. Ranvijay and Sunny Leone one by one say the statement and ask the Splitsvillans to guess it. The Splitsvillans make their guesses and spill wanted to each other. Bhoomika feels targeted, she gets emotional and breaks down. She says every time people target her when she has not said anything such. Sunny Leone consoles her.

After the task, all the Splitsvillans return to their villa. Bhoomika gets angry and stays yelling at Let’s Do It group. Sapna and Bhoomika get into a huge argument.