The episode of Splitsvilla 13 starts with a scroll coming to the splitsvillans in which it is mentioned that the boys of the silver villa who are Shivam, Nikhil and Trevon will get a chance to go on a date with 1 girl from the silver villa. Pallak expects Nikhil to come to her and asks her for the date, but Nikhil assumes that Pallak agreed to go with Shivam. Nikhil goes to Bhoomika. Bhoomika is crying so Nikhil cheers her up and asks her to get ready for the date. Pallak then decides to keep her ego aside and clear out things with Nikhil. She goes to Nikhil and asks if he wants her to come on a date with him. Nikhil says yes. Pallak says they can sort things out. Nikhil agrees and tells Bhoomika that he is going on a date with Pallak. Bhoomika gets upset.

Nikhil asks Bhoomika to go on a date with Shivam. Bhoomika denies. Nikhil asks Shivam if he can go on a date with Bhoomika. Shivam says yes, but Bhoomika says she doesn’t want to go on a date. Trevon tells Arushi that they are not an ideal match so if they perform, they have to win the task or they will be in the dumping zone all the time. Trevon also mentions that he feels a connection with Nikita so he wants to give Nikita a try. Arushi thinks Trevon is acting stupid by choosing Nikita over her as according to Arushi, she is a better performer than Nikita.

Nikhil-Pallak, Shivam-Bhoomika and Trevon go on a date and spend some time with each other.

Later, All the splitsvillans get ready and come to the task location. Ranvijay welcomes them. Sunny Leone mentions that today one girl who will not have a partner will not get to perform and will directly go into the danger zone. She then asks Shivam, Nikhil and Trevon to choose partners with whom they want to perform with. Nikhil chooses Pallak, Shivam goes with Bhoomika and Trevon chooses Nikita. Ranvijay mentions that if Nikhil-Pallak wins and the villa sends them again in front of the Oracle then they have to go and have to face the consequences as they are not an ideal match. Nikhil says they will see what happens next.

Ranvijay explains the task. He says that couples will be blindfolded and their friends will guide them and they have to follow the instructions and hug each other. Then they will have to answer 15 questions. There will be option A, B, C, D options and they have to choose the right option and make a heartbeat. Ranvijay says whoever will get more answers right will win.

The task starts, Nikita-Trevon gets blind and Kat-Kevin guides them. Trevon follows Kevin’s instructions and hugs Nikita. Nikita whispers some answers to Trevon. Ranvijay learns about it and says that Trevon-Nikita cheated so whatever points they will achieve, they will get minus 2 from it. The tasks continue.

Nikhil-Pallak wins the task with 10 points and Shivam-Pallak gets safe with 8 points. Nikita and Trevon get into the dumping zone as Trevon could guess the answers right.