The episode of Splitsvilla 13 starts with all the Splitsvillans coming back from the task location. The ‘Let’s do it’ team strategises to send Nikhil-Pallak in front of the Oracle so that they will have to face the consequences as they are not an ideal match. All the Splitsvillans get ready and come to their next dome session. Sunny Leone and Ranvijay welcome them. Sunny Leone tells the ideal matches that their position in the gold villa is in danger.

Ranvijay says that Nikhil-Pallak has already gone in front of the Oracle and are not an ideal match for which they have faced the consequences, so this time they can go switch the partners and the 2nd couple who won with them. Nikhil says he wants to switch as he knows that the villa will send him and Pallak again so that they will have to face consequences again. Shivam says he will pair up with Pallak and Nikhil will pair up with Bhoomika.

Ranvijay then asks Villa to put their vote. Trevon, Arushi and Nikita vote for Shivam-Pallak. Shivam-Pallak goes in front of the Oracle and becomes the 4th ideal match. Ranvijay says that Shivam-Pallak has become an ideal match and Nikita will be dumped as they wrote her name. Sunny Leone says that there are 3 ideal matches and Shivam-Pallak will have to take over an ideal match’s place.

Ranvijay says that whosoever Shivam-Pallak will swap, the opposite ideal match will go in the silver villa, also they will take the dumping power from Shivam-Pallak and they can dump whoever they want.

Shivam-Pallak swaps their place with Kat-Kevin. Kat-Kevin goes to the silver villa and gets the power of dumping. Kat-Kevin mutually decides to dump Arushi.