The episode of Splitsvilla 13 starts with Shivam asking Kat-Kevin to get out of the room and they have to go back to the silver villa. As Shivam-Pallak had become the ideal match, they got the power to switch a place of the ideal match and they chose to switch with Kat-Kevin.

A scroll comes to the villa, in which it is mentioned that now for the splitsvillans losing is not an option so they have to. give their best and win for their survival. All the splitsvillans get ready and come to the challenge location.

Ranvijay welcomes everyone. He says in today’s task there will be 2 couples from the silver villa and 2 couples from the golden villa. He says as there are 2 groups in the villa both groups will get to perform. He asks Nikhil-Bhoomika to choose an ideal match whom they want to pair with. Nikhil-Bhoomika chooses Jay-Aditi. Ranvijay asks Dhruv-Sapna to choose whom they want to pair with. Dhruv-Sapna goes with Kat-Kevin. Ranvijay says Silver villa couples will go against each other and the golden villa couples will go against each other. He mentions that the winner from the golden villa will get power and from the silver villa will get an opportunity to go in front of Oracle.

Ranvijay says today’s name is ‘Risky-Disky’. He says there will be some discs on which there will be some statement, the boy will ready the statement and throw the disc to the girl. The girl will be hanging on a rope, she has to catch the flying disc, figure out if the statement is true or not and there will be 2 boxes, true or false, the girl has to throw the disc into one box. Ranvijay says after the task they check if the answers are correct and announce the scores.

The tasks start. Kat-Kevin and Nikhil-Bhoomika go first. Kevin reads the statement and throws the disc. Kat finds it difficult to catch the disc but on the other hand, Bhoomika gives an amazing performance and catches all the discs back to back.
In the Next round, Sapna-Dhruv goes against Aditi-Jai. Sapna-Dhruv goes according to their strategy and gives an outstanding performance while Aditi couldn’t catch the discs and score more points.

Later after the task, Ranvijay says in 1st round Kat-Kevin scored 5 goals but from 5 only 3 answers were correct, while Nikhil-Bhoomika scored 14 goals and from which 7 were right. Ranvijay says Nikhil-Bhoomika won the task from the silver villa. Next, he says Jay-Aditi scored 4 goals and that 3 answers were right, while Sapna-Dhruv scored 15 goals and from them 12 were right. Ranvijay says Nikhil-Bhoomika from the silver villa and Sapna-Dhruv from the golden villa won the task.

Everyone returns to the villa. Bhoomika picks a fight with Sapna. Shivam tries to instigate Kevin and Dhruv and says something which Dhruv couldn’t tolerate and loses his calm. They start arguing and pushing each other. Kevin handles Dhruv and takes him back to his room.

Later, Nikhil Chinappa enters with 2 wild card entries from the wild villa.