The episode of Splitsvilla 13 starts with Nikhil Chinappa welcoming the wildvillans. Piyush, Avantika, Samrudhi and Samarthya walk into the villa. Nikhita and Trevon get happy as their connection is back. Dhruv gets irritated seeing Piyush as Devashish informs him that Piyush likes Sapna. Nikhila Chinappa says Nikita will be the happiest person today. Nikhita says she is happy as she got her connection back. Samarthya says he is back to break the couple who eliminated him. Avantika tells Kevin that he broke Garry’s heart. She says that when she and Garry got dumped, they went to the wild villa where he hugged her and cried. Avantika says Garry scored 3 goals that day and gave power to Kevin to eliminate someone and he eliminated Garry. She says Garry was so broke emotionally that he couldn’t perform in the wild villa and couldn’t come back to splitsvilla. Kevin says that was his biggest mistake. Nikhil Chinappa leaves.

Piyush meets Sapna. He learns that Sapna and Dhruv are an ideal match. Piyush still goes close to her and talks to her. Dhruv gets pissed. Dhruv leaves. Sapna goes to Dhruv and tries to convince him. Dhruv asks Sapna to sort things out with Piyush and ask him not to get sticky with her. Sapna agrees. They both go to talk to Piyush. Sapna says Dhruv is her connection and there is a lot more than just a connection. Dhruv warns him not to get close to Sapna as he won’t tolerate it.

The next day, All the girls get ready and go to the challenge location. They saw a shop where all the beauty products were kept and all the girls had to make a wishlist of which products they would like to have. Girls look at all the products and make their wish lists. Then all the boys arrive there. Ranvijay and Sunny Leone welcome everyone. Ranvijay says all the people staying in the silver villa will get to perform today except Bhoomika and Nikhil as they won the last task. He then asks to pair up. Kat-Kevin, Nikita-Samarthya, Samrudhi-Trevon and Avantika-Piyush make the pair.

Ranvijay says the girl will go against each other, they will have to do a pillow fight and empty the pillow, after emptying the pillow the girl can take a sack in which there are some coins. The girl has to take the coins and throw them down to her connection where other boys will also try to snatch the coins from them. Ranvijay says boys have to collect maximum coins as later they have to go shopping for their girls. Ranvijay says that after the coin collection boys will go and shop the product for their connection, which they think can be in their connection’s wishlist. The couples who win whose connection will buy the most product from their girl’s wishlist.

The task starts. Nikita and Samrudhi target Avantika, while Kat gets a chance to hit on Nikita’s back and empty the pillow. Kat back to back empties the pillow and throws the coins at Kevin. Kevin also manages to snatch the coins from other boys as their connection throws the coins.
After the task, Ranvijay counts all the coins which the boys have collected in which Piyush has collected 15 coins, Trevon- 18 coins, Samarthya- 19 coins and Kevin with 29 coins. Ranvijay says Kevin will go 1st for shopping as he collected the most amount of coins, followed by Samarthya, Trevon and Piyush. One by one they go and shop for their connection.

Later, Ranvijay says Samarthya has collected 6 right and correct things which were on Nikita’s wishlist. Trevon also collects 6 right things for Samrudhi, Piyush collects 4 right things according to Avantika and lastly, Kevin collects 7 right things according to Kat. Kat-Kevin wins the task and gets safe.