This week the show finally entered into its 20th episode. This week brought with it some huge twists. It was well played and well-thought-out tactics with a side of a couple elimination! In this episode, hosts Ranvijay and Sunny Leone tell everyone that there is going to be a double elimination. Tension ran high after this was disclosed. Palak and Shivam are the most disturbed by this revelation. Fans of the ‘Boombam Gang’ were worried that they would have to watch the two go. But new twists arise that leave the couple safe.

Sunny Leone announced that 1 couple would leave the show. Ranvijay however gave Aditi and Jay a chance to save 1 contestant. Jay and Aditi planned their next move and chose to save Palak. They also saving Shivam in the bargain as it was a couple’s elimination.

While everyone was still tensed about the elimination, there was still the question of becoming a compatible match. Two couples wanted to go in front of the Silver Oracle; Arushi and Travon and Samarthya and Nikita. Samarthya and Nikita went in front of the Silver Oracle. They took the test of the Oracle. While it was still a risky movie they still cleared the rest and they became a compatible match.

Ranvijay later gave the power to eliminate one couple to Kat and Kavin. Kat and Kavin played it safe and chose Avantika and Gary Lu. The four of them were really good friends but it happened anyway. The Boom Bam Gang had talked about it and said that Kat and Kavin just eliminated their toughest competition. Stick around for more updates!