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In Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah Written Update Episode3025 29th October 2020, we see that all the Jodis perform amazing Garba and enjoy their Navratri night.

Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah Written Update Ep3025 29th October 2020: Iyer and Jetha’s Amazing Performance

The episode starts with Abdul and Bagha’s amazing Garba. Tapu says that he likes the Popat step on which Sodhi says laughs. Popatlal says at least he has something on his name, Sodhi says he has Sodhi garage on his name. Popatlal says he has a house on his name, on that Sodhi holds Roshan and says that he has marriage certificate on his name.

Next Garba is performed by Popatlal and Babita. Everyone compliments them. Next Iyer and Jethalal perform, Jethalal asks Iyer once again if he remembers all the steps on which Iyer replies that he has practised the whole Garba at least 25 to 30 times in his mind.

While dancing Jethalal forgets his steps. Iyer is furious at Jethalal.

Later Jethalal realises that it was just his dream, Jethalal and Iyer come up with a mind-blowing performance. Everyone compliments them that they will get the highest likes. Jethalal and Iyer thank each other for their amazing dance performance and support.

Anjali says that they are about to end the Bhakti night, she also says that all enjoyed Navratri Masti and Maata Bhakti.

Tapu-Sena takes over. Jethalal thanks Babita for the arrangement and Babita thank everyone for their support. Tapu-Sena decides to select top 3 Jodis. Iyer tells Jethalal that he has performed so well just because of him and thank him. Gogi says on the 3rd place, we have…

PRECAP: Iyer tells Jethalal to think negative and, they will win as negative and negative becomes positive.

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