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In Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah Written Update Episode3035 12th November 2020, we see that Abdul tells everyone that Popatlal received a call and he seems to be upset after that.

Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah Written Update Ep3035 12th November 2020: Popatlal’s silent sorrow

The episode of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah starts with Sodhi and Bhide going to Popatlal’s house. Bhide says that they will go to Iyer’s house and collect Popatlal’s extra house key, if Popatlal doesn’t open the door then they can use the key.

Iyer gives them the extra key. Then Bhide, Iyer and Sodhi go to Popatlal’s door and rings the bell. Popatlal is sitting on the sofa and is worried. Popatlal thinks that if he opens the door, then he has to tell everybody the reason for him being upset. Iyer tries to open the door with the key. Popatlal puts the latch on the door.

Even Bhide and Sodhi try to open. The door is not opening. Sodhi says he will break the door. Bhide makes him understand that now they won’t get any carpenter to repair the door.
They decide to go back to the compound. Sodhi tells everyone that he still thinks that Popatlal is inside his house and he is not coming out on purpose. Jethalal gives an idea to get Popatlal out. He says that everyone will shout run run run and they can run in the compound, then Popatlal will think that something is wrong and he will come out.

Everyone starts running. Bapuji comes out.
Bhide says the wrong person came out.
They run again, Tapu-Sena comes out.

They start running for the 3rd time, Popatlal comes out. Bhide asks everyone to come in the compound.
Popatlal rushes down and asks Bhide what happened. Bhide says that nothing happened, that was a trick to get him down.
Popatlal gets angry and yells at Bhide.

Popatlal says that he doesn’t want to live in the society. All the members stop him and ask him what happened and why is he upset.

Taarak says that Popatlal is in depression. (Flashback of the songs Bapuji sang during lockdown to explain not to fight and stay happy)

Everyone tells Popatlal to share his feelings so that he feels good and they can solve his problem.

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