“Divya Drishti” is a very popular indian drama television series, the fans keep playing the waiting game when it comes to the release of new episodes. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest Divya Drishti 8th June episode

Written Update of the 8th June 2019 Full episode of Divya Drishti: Anjaan Fools Pisachini

Divya says divi.. She cries and holds Drishti’s hand. Drishti says I am sorry Divi I needed. Divya says it wasn’t me. I am upset for everything I did. Drishti says I know Pisachini was in you and I slaughtered you due to her. Divya says for what reason did you take the choice. You additionally kicked the bucket as a result of me. They review their youth together. A flame lights in their grasp. Divya says what is this? I am so terrified. Drishti says I don’t have the foggiest Romi asks Drishti proceed to tell Rakshit everything. She says that she can’t. Drishti comes to Rakshit and says “I realize you were hanging tight for me and I said I would come, however, I was unable. I will let you know everything at the ideal time. Guarantee.” Ojaswaani says so at long last they are seen together. The capacity is postponed. We will do arti previously grehn. How about we go begin arti. Mahima says really.. Ojaswani murmurs to her “please not before Simran’s in laws.”

Mahima asks all couples to come forward, “We should do arti.” Drishti says “techincally Simran and her life partner are supposed to do the arti? Why us?” To which Rakshit replied “do you have an issue with us doing the arti?” She says “no I thought you need to do it with another person.”

Drishti takes the arti. She provides it to Divya. Drishti sees her pressing an entryway. Divya said there the entryway stuffed and there is just a single method for opening it. Drishti comes to do the arti. She sees what Divya said. Drishti runs. Ojaswani says “Drishti stop.Where are you going.” Rakshit leaves the arti. Drishti runs upstairs. MIL says the end result for her.

Drishti says to Romi “I saw her truism the entryway is bolted. There is one method for opening it. In any case, I couldn’t see it totally.” Romi says “we should go there.” She replies “let me think.” Drishti says she said one drop of blood. In any case, whose blood? Drishti says I am certain she was discussing my blood. Somebody tosses a knife towards them. It’s that individual. He says you neglected to bring this. Do you recollect what I said. Romi says the entryway is opening.. Drishti takes the blade. Divya says come quick. I am sitting tight for you to kick the bucket.

Drishti and Romi go to the ground floor. Divya says I bolted the entryway. How could you come at that point? I am so terrified. she giggles and says this was all my device. Furthermore, look you are trapped. I am the seeker and you are prey. The fiery remains that you consumed.. Drishti says they were phony. Divya says both of you will bite the dust. Furthermore, I will end up being the most dominant one of earth. I am not Divya. I will take kal ratan from both you sisters. Your end is here. Drishti says you are correct I lost. Divya says it is very pleasing to hear. State once more.. Drishti draws close to her and cuts her in the heart. Divya shouts Loudly. Drishti cries.

Mahima comes to Rakshit and says what have you chosen. Mahima says she prepared these rings them too. She left arti before everybody. She offended us before Simran’s in-laws. You saw all that. Mahima says I revealed to you say yes to me. You can see everything. It’s everything self-evident. She couldn’t care less for you. Mahima says I will choose everything today. Rakshit says “what will you converse with her about? She won’t answer anything and after that you would get frantic.” Mahima says then you take a choice. Mahima says “enough, I will converse with her folks. she doens’t regard anybody.” Rakshit says “I will accomplish something at that point.” Mahima says please answer. Rakshit state something. Rakshit takes the ring and makes lava wear it. He says this is the choice.

Drishti cries and says I murdered my sister as a result of you. I searched for her for a large amount length of time. she was my mother’s copy picture. Divya says you will pay a major cost for this. You will kick the bucket as well. Romi says “di your nose is draining why.” Drishti says I knew. Drishti says on the off chance that she murders Divya she would kick the bucket as well. Drishti says everything is finished. Our lives were integrated. Divya says what did you get? Drishti says I prevented you from decimating everything. Romi asks “why didn’t you let me know? We could stop this. I can’t give you a chance to pass on.” Drishti says I chose this to stop Pisachini. Romi cries and says I won’t let you bite the dust this way. Drishti says keep running from here Romi. Divya says you lost. Drishti says I realize I lost yet you didn’t win either.

Romi runs upstairs. He searches for shekhar. Commitment is going on. Rakshit says to Mahima I got drew in with Lava however kindly don’t discuss it at this moment. Give Simran’s commitment a chance to be done calmly. Mahima argues “is that so or would you like to give her another shot?” Rakshit leaves.

Romi says to Shekhar accompany me. Shekhar says what was the deal? Romi says they are both kicking the bucket. Divya comes there and says where are you going infants? It’s Bichu in her face. Shekhar says don’t set out ceasing us. Bichu throttles them and says my posion will murder you both. I am more dominant than you suspected.
idea what is it. Divya take a gander at the moon. Drishti says I don’t have the foggiest idea what’s going on. They review their mom being wounded. Drishti says I don’t have the foggiest idea why God joined us. Divya says we need to go now. drishti says however we will leave together. we met up. Their forces impact.

MIL says we need to complete a pooja with Simran. She will go to sanctuary alone. Ojaswaan inquires “alone?” Mil says yes that is a custom.. Simran says yes I will go.

The man comes running to the first floor. He says what did you do. I am here to spare you. I wont give you a chance to kick the bucket. She says you can’t spare me. Pisachini kick the bucket with us. He says what. He takes a gander at Divya kicking the bucket. He says she is passing on. Drishti says Pisachini is in her. He takes out the knife. Divya shouts. Drishti says what are you doing.. He says I can’t give you a chance to kick the bucket. Divya shouts. Pisachini’s shadow shows up. Drishti says you.. I executed my Divya, in view of her and you brought Pisachini back. He says you’re passing on. Drishti says what did you do. Divya endeavors to relax.
They see Pisachini framing once more.

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