In today’s episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, we see Raman asks Natasha for a Massage and appreciates her for it.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13 September 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Raman appreciates Natasha

Today’s episode of 13 September 2019 Yeh Hai Mohabbatein starts as we see Raman not feeling well and goes to rest while Arijit tells Natasha and Sunil about Yug going to the hospital. They are surprised about how he could find the reality of the hospital.

Arijit warns them to stay alert from the Bhallas as they are very smart. Natasha and Sunil ask Arijit about how he found out that Yug went to their doctor. Arijit tells them some story of sending a man behind Yug and finding out about what he was about to find out from Dr. Mishra. They both appreciate Arijit’s smartness.

Ruhi tells that Raman is resting. Yug calls the hospital and asks for Dr. Mishra but and tells that Natasha is unwell. But the hospital doesn’t help him with the number. He decides to go to the hospital as a patient and find Natasha’s file which can be helpful to prove her a fraud.

Ishita asks Dadi if they can take Raman to another doctor. Natasha overhears Ishita and runs towards Raman shouting Shardul. She offers to help him in any way. Raman asks her to massage her head. She agrees to do it and asks him to sit. Raman appreciated Natasha’s massage and asks her to leave. Natasha becomes confident of him being Shardul and calls Arijit to tell him that he will soon come to her. Ishita and Raman smile. Arijit asks Natasha how she can be confident and she tells him the massage incident. Ishita and Raman reveal their plan to Mrs. Bhalla and Simmi.

Karan goes to the hospital as a patient to meet Dr. Mishra while Yug waits outside. Raman gets ready to meet Natasha with a bouquet to thanks her for her help and show her that he is interested in her. He worries about being getting caught. Ishita tells him not worry and the plan is perfect.

Karan and Yug are not able to meet the doctor as he won’t be coming for a week due to a family emergency. They think of this as strange and doubt that someone must be keeping an eye on him. The written update of 13 September 2019 ends here.

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