Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17 July 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see Ishita and Veer get a clue about Raman being alive.

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Today’s Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17 July episode begins with Ruhi and Aaliya being flabbergasted when they found the dead body. They rushed home and got questioned by the family about their weird behavior. Arijit landed up there and had fun watching Ruhi and Aaliya in tension. Ruhi wanted to tell the family about the dead body. Arijit got the police there. He wanted to see who would save Ruhi and Aaliya. Ruhi and Aaliya avoided the cops and rushed to their room. Simmi found them behaving weird and followed them to know they matter. Aaliya asked Ruhi not to cry, they weren’t at fault. Ruhi worried since they had the keys of the flat. Karan met them and asked the reason. Ruhi told him that he should believe her, she could never do anything wrong. He didn’t understand anything. He got the keys from Ruhi since Ishita was asking for it. Cops told Bhallas that they would be checking the empty flat since they got a complaint.

Ruhi told Aaliya that they had left their belongings in the flat while rushing out in tension if the cops got that; they would surely become the prime suspects. Arijit told Bhallas that he had called the cops, since he found some illegal activity going on in that flat. He told them that he might have seen a dead body there. Ruhi and Aaliya were left with no option than to admit that they had also seen the dead body. The cops found the corpse and suspected Ruhi and Aaliya. Cops questioned them and asked them to tell the truth. Ruhi and Aaliya said that they just came to check the flat on getting the foul smell. They told the cops that they were scared and couldn’t tell the family.

Arijit wanted them to be interrogated. Karan and Yug defended Ruhi and Aaliya. They didn’t let the cops bother them more. Mani asked the cops about the call details to know who was playing pranks by Raman’s name. Mani wanted to know about Raman. Arijit was happy that the cops weren’t able to trace his number. The family thanked Arijit for his support. Arijit won the family’s trust. He asked Ruhi and Aaliya never to hide anything from the family. Mani felt some enemy was after their lives. He shared his tensions with Arijit, unaware that the enemy was Arijit himself. Ruhi and Aaliya told Karan and Yug that they had gone to the flat for their secret planning to sort their fights.

They admitted of mocking the fights. Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) and Mani left for a meeting in a cab. The driver knew Raman (Karan Patel) well and told them that he had met Raman once. Ishita got happy to know Raman was alive. Mani got surprised. The cab driver told Ishita that Raman was buying flowers for his wife. He told her that he had received Raman from the airport. Mani thought how that Raman could this happen was alive. He got confused. The cab driver told them that Raman told him about his daughter’s marriage and gave his ticket to someone else. Ishita asked him to take her to the florist shop so that she could track Raman. Mani got to hope that Raman was alive. Mani and Ishita visited the florist and enquired about Raman. They learned about Raman’s accident and got disheartened. Raman was very much alive but in Arijit’s evil clutches. Arijit gave him sedatives to keep him the unconscious until he succeeded in his goal. The written update of 17 July 2019 Yeh Hai Mohabbatein episode full story ends here.

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