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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29 August 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see Sudha provoked Raman to the point where he regained his memories and proved himself to be the real Raman and not an imposter.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29 August 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Sudha accepts Karan’s relationship

Today’s Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29 August episode begins with Sudha not wanting to hear Ishita’s explanation. She had made up her mind that Raman was an imposter and not real. She accused Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) for having an affair with the imposter while real Raman was missing. She made dirty insinuations, shocking the family. Karan got worried when things went out of hand. Sudha hurt the sentiments of the family. Ruhi yelled at Sudha, who crossed her limits. Ruhi didn’t let Sudha disrespect her mother. Yug pleaded to Sudha not to stop Karan and Ruhi from being with each other. Karan supported Bhallas. He asked Sudha to leave, since he would always stand by Bhallas. He threatened to elope with Ruhi if Sudha disapproved their relation. Raman and Ishita tried hard to find some way to prove Raman’s identity. Arijit invited the media to cover the news of Raman’s fraud identity. The reporters asked Bhallas about fooling the businessmen and minister by bringing an imposter for cracking a big project. Karan and Yug handled the media. Arijit appeared ignorant of the media persons coming.

Minister agreed with Sudha’s statements. He felt Raman wasn’t real; it would be as shame in the society. Sudha asked Karan not to believe Bhallas. She asked Karan to stay with Bhallas, by cutting off all ties with her. Minister snatched the big project from Bhallas. Arijit was pleased seeing Sudha and the minister insulting Bhallas. He couldn’t ask for more. Mani and Bala struggled to handle the situation. Investors backed out from the project. Mani saw the company crashing and got worried. Raman took a leap of faith to prove his identity. He reminded the minister about his dream project for the welfare of the village. He asked minister not to lose faith in the project to eradicate hunger. He repeated his words and won the minister’s trust. The minister remembered his conversation with Raman. He believed Raman’s identity.

Raman told him that he didn’t have strength to prove himself further, since his face was changed completely. He told how much he missed his old self. He wanted to keep his promise to Sudha as well. He told Sudha that he kept his promise and made Karan part of his family. The family got emotional on hearing Raman. Raman warned Sudha about her hatred, which would make her lose all her relations. Sudha accepted Raman’s identity, much to everyone’s surprise. The Bhallas were overcoming their tough situation. Raman proved his identity publicly in front of the media. Sudha told the minister that Raman was the most capable person for handling the water project. Minister agreed to keep the deal with Bhallas Company. This angered Arijit. Sudha got emotional while spending time with Karan. She had lost Rohan already. The family felt it was a miracle that Raman recollected his memories and convinced the minister.

They were hopeful for his speedy recovery. Sudha apologized to Raman for her bad taunts. Raman thanked her for provoking him to regain his memories. He thought everyone went well and he had proved his identity. Everyone believed he is truthful. Arijit vented anger on his servant when he found Raman being praised in the news. He wanted his revenge somehow. Raman and Ishita proposed Ruhi’s marriage with Karan to get Sudha’s approval. Sudha gave her approval for the sake of Karan’s happiness. Ruhi told them that she would wait until Sudha blessed them, and not elope with Karan ever. She didn’t want to hurt Sudha. Sudha found their love true and pure. She felt lucky to get a sensible girl like Ruhi for Karan. She accepted the alliance. She asked Bhallas to prepare for the marriage. A new joy spread in the family. Ruhi and Karan cherished their love. Arijit found Neeti missing which aggravated him further. The written update of 29 August 2019 Yeh Hai Mohabbatein episode full story ends here.

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