In Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written update 13th March 2020 episode Kairav and Vansh find Naira in the pit. They pull her out. Naira tries to expose Jhaveri and reveal the truth.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode Update 13th March 2020: Naira’s daring act

The episode begins with Naira in her dreams wishing to see Kartik and Kairav for the last time. She sees Kartika and Kairav and asks them to take care of each other. Meanwhile, Kartik and Naksh look for Naira everywhere and Kartik doubts if Jhaveri did anything. Naksh says he won’t do anything in their own house. Vansh and Kairav keep looking for the fog machine and ask everybody about it. Suhasini tells Suvarna that she didn’t see Naira for a long time. She also adds that Suvarna should tell her to forget everything and move back to the house. Just then Vansh and Kairav spot the fog machine but are unable to pull it out. They ask help from house help but he says he is busy. They try hard by moving the pots and tie a rope to the lid of the pit to pull the trapped wire of the machine. They somehow manage to lift the lid and free the fog machine. Kairav is about to click Vansh’s picture when he sees Naira in the pit from the phone. He shouts and Vansh also calls out Naira.

Kartik hears Kairav’s voice and rushes towards him. Kairav calls Kartik and eventually, everybody arrives there and gets shocked to see Naira unconscious. Jhaveri sees the lid open and his son gets scared. Jhaveri says they need to leave now and he will manage everything later. Kartik jumps in the pit and tries to wake Naira up. He apologizes to her as he understood there is a problem but couldn’t help her. Everybody tells Kartik to take her out. They pull Naira and Kartik out. Suvarna and others try to wake her up. Meanwhile, Jhaveri and Abhishek ask their driver to drive them off. Naira is taken in the hall and Samarth calls the doctor. Kartik tells Naira to wake up. Naira finally opens her eyes and looks for Kartik and Naira. Suhasini asks Naira how she fell in the pit when it was covered and later how did the lid gets closed. Naira says somebody tried to make that pit her grave. Kartik asks was it, Jhaveri. Surekha thinks she always comes up with new drama.

Manish gets in Jhaveri and Abhishek and has flashback how he found out it was Jhaveri who pushed Naira after he found his watch besides Naira. When everybody asks Naira who did it, Manish says Jhaveri will tell. Kartik pulls Jhvaeri by his collar and everybody asks him to let go. Naira says Jhaveri is a liar and won all the cases in 20 years by lying. She tells everybody she is preparing Goenka’s to know who Jhaveri really is and they have been trusting the wrong man. Jhaveri laughs and says there is no proof he pushed Naira but everybody says they trust Naira.

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