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In Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update Season 66 Episode121 30th November 2020, we see that as Kairav and Naira had a misunderstanding in them, Kartik and Naira stay separately and live their lives differently.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update S 66 Ep121 30th November 2020: Kartik and Naira’s new beginning

The episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai starts with Kartik and Naira cycling on the road. A taxi is about to hit a boy when Naira saves him. The boy and his mother thank Naira. Kartik comes to Naira and calls her lioness. Kartik asks the lady to take care of her son.

Naira gets upset. Kartik asks her to be happy as she is a lioness. Naira says that she helped the boy, but she couldn’t help her son. Kartik hugs Naira.
Kartik and Naira check their alarm and leave. Both reach home.

Naira slips from the stairs while Kartik holds him.
Kartika and Naira get into the lift and go to different floors. Naira clicks Akshara’s picture and sends it to Kartik. Then she makes Kachori and sends it to Kartik with a rope basket. Kartik smells the Kachori and says that no one can make Kachori like her.

Kartik takes the Kachori and makes smileys with tomato ketchup. Kairav comes and hugs Kartik. Kartik tells Kairav that they will have Kachori. Kairav says they mean only Kartik and Kairav.
Then Kairav sees the smiley on Kachori and gets scared thinking that Naira has sent the Kachori. Kartik says that he made the smileys on Kachori.

Kairav eats the Kachori and goes to the balcony. He put a smiley emblem in the basket which Naira had sent. Kairav shouts that the Kachori was yummy and says thank you Aai. Naira gets happy hearing it.

Later, Ridhima calls Kartik. Kartik and Kairav meet Ridhima at the beachside. Kairav goes to play. Ridhima asks Kartik when he will tell Naira about Ridhima. Kartik says that when the time is right he will tell Naira.

Precap: Kartik gets a call from Ridhima. Naira asks if Kartik is hiding something from her.

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