Everybody knows the well-known Bengaluru woman who acted in Netflix’s first Indian web series, Sacred Games. The young woman was likewise a part of the web series The Verdict and has appeared in quite a number of films too. But do you know how all this began in her life? Well, she once said it herself in an interview.

In an interview with edexlive.com, she talked about her theatre journey, saying, “When I was in class VI, I was bullied by a few schoolmates and I had to change my school. During this period, I attended the Personality Development Programme at Buoyance. It is an organisation that specialises in unique approaches to effective communication with self, in groups or in public. That was my first tryst with the stage. From being a timid, shy child who couldn’t even hold a conversation with an individual to standing in front of class XII students and making a presentation — the programme transformed me completely. I started participating in debates, extempore and much more.

In retrospect, when I look back at my journey, I feel that I was like a caterpillar coming out of the cocoon. Similarly, I left Dubai for work at the age of 21. Initially, I worked at a cookie store and five years later, I was crunching numbers on Excel. After some time, I realised that I was not really excelling in Excel. So I told my mother that I am ready to quit the job and said that I want to be famous. We sat down and worked out my SWOT analysis and created a financial cloud to ensure that my dreams are not shattered by erratic decisions. It seems like I did this just yesterday, but it has been 10 years since I moved to Mumbai and invested time into acting.”