Over the years we have seen several stars in the Bollywood film industry who have stolen our hearts with their work. Many of these stars emerged from the theatre world and one such star we all know is Rajit Kapur and we are here to tell you more about his great works.

Rajit Kapur and his best theatre performances

When we speak of the most eminent names in the Indian theatre world, one of the first few names that come to mind is Rajit Kapur. Many of us recognize him as an actor and director from the Indian movie world. But very few know that he initially started from the theatre world. If one wishes to see Rajit Kapur in his true element of acting they need to add him performing live on stage.

His years of expertise in the theatre world are visible in his work in movies through his intense acting skills and strong dialogue delivery. The star has contributed marvelously to the theatre world through his gifted of acting. He has been part of famous plays like Flowers, Love Letters and Class of ’84. However some of his most iconic works were the plays A Walk In The Woods and Pune Highway. The star has also directed the play Mahua. He has also acted in several famous films like The Making Of The Mahatma, URI and Kick.

We hope to see more such stars like Rajit Kapur emerging from the theatre world and contributing to other fields in the years to come. Stay tuned with us for more updates on your favourite celebs.

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