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Read to know about Amit Bhadana’s GF

Amit Bhadana GF Details Revealed!

Amit Bhadana is one of the well-known YouTubers starting now. He is the first to gain 20 million subscribers on YouTube. With a modest beginning, today, he is flourishing to the top. We love his content and improv shows on YouTube.

His YouTube channel has 21.6 million subscribers as of now. His videos are extremely funny and refreshing to watch. Here are some of his YouTube videos, check out!


He is born in 1994, hails from Delhi. Amit Bhadana was a town kid and is from a very humble background. He has a brother named Sumit Bhadana, his father Narendra Bhadana takes pride in him. During his initial days as a YouTuber, his parents didn’t support his career plans to become a YouTuber. But eventually, they gave in, as Amit Bhadana was determined!


As of now, we didn’t get any authentic information about his Girlfriend. But as per some media reports, it is said, that Riya Mavi, a former member of his YouTube team, was his girlfriend. But these are the rumours. Later on, Riya Mavi also left his channel for creative differences, as per reports.

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