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Amit Bhadana’s Family Details REVEALED

Amit Bhadana is one of the topmost YouTubers as of now. He is the first one to earn 20million subscribers on YouTube. With a very humble start, today, he is thriving to the top. We love his content and comedy sketches on YouTube. Millennials, especially love him to the fullest.

With his grand success, it is also worth to know about his family. Because at the end of the day it will be your own family who would give you immense support in your journey. And Amit Bhadana’s parents are extremely supportive of him and love him to the fullest. And today we are up with his family details.

Born in September 1994, in Delhi. Amit Bhadana was a village boy and belonged to a very humble family. His parents Narendra Bhadana, and mother’s name is still unknown. He also has a brother, Sumit Bhadana. During the initial days of his YouTube career, his parents didn’t support his plans to become YouTuber. But later on, with Amit Bhadana’s strong determination and devotion, they too gave in.

Amit Bhadana’s story has been super encouraging and inspiring for the youth, undoubtedly! What do you think?

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