Whom Would You Like To See Faisu With In Next Music Video: Avneet Kaur VS Ashi Singh?

Avneet Kaur VS Ashi Singh: Whom Would You Like To See With Faisu In Next Music Video?

Faisu is a talented star, as we all can see it through his TikTok videos. Though TikTok is now banned, he is still active on other social media sites.   To date, Faisu has given a number of music videos and almost all of his videos are loved by his fans. Some of his videos are Tere Bin Kive, Maangi Duaaein, Ishq Farzi.

Faisu has a huge fan following. Not just that, Faisu is also a true fashion icon for many young boys. Faisu has really won millions of hearts with his incredible performance and since then he has bagged up a number of music videos.

Making a great pair with the person opposite him, Faisu has also nailed it. But, this time whom would you like to see opposite Faisu, Avneet Kaur or Ashi Singh. We all know how perfectly talented both the actresses are. Both, Avneet Kaur and Ashi Singh have been seen portraying the same role of Princess Yasmin from the Television Series, ‘Aladdin-Naam Toh Suna Hi Hoga’.

Avneet Kaur and Ashi Singh, both the actresses have their own style. Both are successful and talented in a unique way.

Whom Would You Like To See With Faisu In Next Music Video?

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