Read to know Bae Suzy’s list of awards that will leave you spellbound

Bae Suzy Awards That Will Amaze You

Bae Suzy popularly known as Suzy is a South Korean actress. She was a former member of K-Pop group, “Miss A”. Later she began her Television journey. She is well-known for her grand execution in the show Vagabond in 2019 and gained popularity after that. As of now, she is working on the latest web series, called, Start-Up. And as usual, her fans are super excited.

Today, we are up with Suzy’s best well-deserved awards so far. We have lined them down beneath, check them out and let us know in the comments below if you think she is inspiring.

Here is the list of 4 prime awards of this beautiful South Korean actress. Read below.

1. She won the Best Actress award for the show Vagabond in 2019

2. She won the Most Popular Actress Award in 2018 by BaekSang Arts Awards.

3. She won the Instyle Best Style award in 2016 by BaekSang Arts Awards.

4. She won the Popularity Award in 2012 by Blue Dragon Film Awards.

Apart from these, there have countless awards that this super-talented actress has won and made us proud. We love to see her onscreen every time, in different roles and aspect and hope that she makes more in the long run!

All the best, Suzy!

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