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Blackpink: Everything You Need to Know About These K Pop Solo Artists

While Jisoo is the oldest of the BLACKPINK young ladies, she is the maknae — or the youngest kid — of her family, which prompts some the fascinating personality of herself in the group. But unlike other members in the group, Jisoo can’t communicate in English easily, however as per Jennie she can comprehend it well overall. Nonetheless, she is fluent in Korean, Chinese, and Japanese. She can likewise play the guitar and drums and has flaunted some of her best instrument plays in shows.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie trained herself the most in the group— and which is why she is the most innovative one amongst the group. She has been a part of G-Dragon’s MV for “That XX,” also has worked together with him on “Dark.” Jennie is absolutely fluent in English yet in addition Korean and Japanese — which positively assists with her broad allure across worldwide fanbases.

Rosé is one of the adorable members of the group Blackpink, however, she is similarly as gifted and adored as others in the group. She was a relatively obscure — regardless of showing up in G-Dragon’s “Without You” — when she was discovered for BLACKPINK, she immediately won our hearts. Rosé is the shyest of all the BLACKPINK individuals and goes really uncomfortable during the shoots.

The maknae of BLACKPINK is Lisa. She is the most youthful individual from the group, and the main individual to pass the Thai tryouts in 2010 for YG Entertainment. Lisa is the most popular amongst the all in the group. Lisa is quite close to GOT7’s Bambam, and they were both part of the dance team We Zaa Cool.

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