Sarabhai vs Sarabhai is back and we chat with one of its most endearing characters

Don’t make comparisons with the original: Rajesh ‘Rosesh’ Kumar

It’s time for giggles and smiles as Rajesh Kumar aka the cult comic character Rosesh is back with Sarabhai vs Sarabhai’s web version on Hotstar, streaming from 16 May (2017). The popular yesteryear Star One sitcom has created social media frenzy and expectations are sky high pertaining to its ‘ticklish’ success in its second stint. Will it sizzle or fizzle? Indianwikimedia entered into a candid chat with Rajesh and he shared his elation on working on the project and more. Excerpts: 

Finally, your dream of essaying the quintessential buffoon Rosesh is fulfilled?

The return reinforces the theory that Farah Khan propounded in Om Shanti Om that if you desire something earnestly the universe conspires to make it happen.  And in a way I am glad that it took twelve years for the show to make a comeback. In 2004 it was ahead of its time and in hindsight I do believe it indeed was half cooked. Over the years the idea and the characters synced in and now the audiences are ready to be entertained by Sarabhai type of subtle and different humour.

Will Rosesh mature after a gap of 7 years? 

There is no change in my character, he is still lost and single, though he has a girlfriend played by Aishwarya Sakhuja.  We did not feel the need to show the growth as he already attained the growth age of 30. Furthermore, had he grown up, the cuteness and innocence of the character would have been lost. The only change is that from a theater artist he has now become a TV actor.

What challenges you faced personally during the shoot?

It was a challenge for me as I had to recreate the language and body mannerisms, obviously over time our voice and body structure changes. I also had to lose weight. Many Bollywood actors try to repeat their success to stay in the lime light. This is not so in our case for we have approached the show in a fresh way, having said that the essence of the characters (How Maya treat Monisha or Indu treats Rosesh) is the same but the treatment is different for we all have matured as actor’s doing lot of other stuff (Mrs. & Mr. Sharma Allahabadwale, Neeli Chatri Waale and Badi Doooor Se Aaye Hai etc).

Why Hotstar and not a GEC?

Digital is the way to be. The maximum TRP today any TV show can get is 5 /6 on the other hand given the reach of web we can fetch a rating  of  9.  Also you don’t need to be at home to watch at a given time, you can watch at your convenience and that on the go. I am sure that given the speed of the medium within twelve hours of launch on the 16th May, we will come to know of the initial verdict.  I am hopeful for we have repackaged Sarabhai for 2017.

Any fears before the launch?

I just have one request to the viewers that don’t be in a hurry to judge based on one or two episodes and don’t make comparisons with the original.   And watch a few episodes before making a call. For you need to understand that even the original took time to pick up and was declared a hit only after it got over based on reruns. We also need to appreciate the fact that for the first time a show will return after 12 years with the same cast which is no mean task any given time.

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