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Read to know Faisu’s Relationship status

Faisu’s Relationship Details Revealed!

Faisal Shaikh, ideally known as Mr Faisu, is a fashion and social media influencer, model, and entertainer. Mr Faisu had expanded a significant fan base through his TikTok videos in India. With the prohibition on the application, he is genuinely missed on the app, and furthermore, his videos are missed.

Aside from that, he is likewise notable for his style updos. Generally, he is famous for his grand wind-swept hairstyle. His Instagram profile is loaded up with stupendous style posts, his fashion updos are consistently a visual treat.


The well-known actor is now single and is now focusing on his career and acting. Nonetheless, there are several media reports out there that confirm his relationship with Jannat Zubair, though both the stars have denied all such rumours. They are good friends. They make videos together and entertain us with their content and work. They have appeared in several music videos together, and are looking, undeniably hot!

Here are some of his pictures down beneath.

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