Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain the ALTBalaji series that has shown the realistic and complicated state of relationships is now all set for its Season 3. When compared to the first two editions, the third season appears to be all the darker in terms of characterizations.

However, one character that will complete a full circle and get all the happiness that she deserves will be Poonam. Well, will Poonam be able to handle the complexity with regards to marrying a man younger to her by 10 years, is something that needs to be watched!!

Coming to the gorgeous actress playing it, Gurdeep Kohli has won hearts in this character, and has stood her ground with respect to popularity and appreciation coming her way.

Gurdeep who is a fine actress is excited with the Season 3 of Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain coming up and we get into a free-wheeling chat with the actress.


Congrats on a Season 3 for Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain

Thank you, I am all excited for this one.

How will you define Season 3?

Dynamics have changed ya. People have grown, and when you are in a relationship for long, you grow along with it. So things have changed. Everybody is shining in the trailer, and in the season you will have everyone getting a 360-degree change.

If you have seen the first two seasons, you will understand that all characters have their own mindset and have been doing whatever they have wanted. As you know, Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain is a take on the modern life of everyone. People want to live their life as they want. Even if you see in day to day life, nobody wants to be judged. Nobody wants to be told what to do. Most importantly, everybody puts themselves first and that is exactly what is happening in the series.

Rohit did what he felt was right. Bani did what she felt was right. Ananya did what she felt what was right. It is only Poonam who has tried hard to keep everybody together. But she is also taking life as it comes. Now you will see even Poonam changing. So it is beautiful. You cannot be stuck in a relationship, and you have to move on after a point. And that’s what Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain has always shown. No relationship is perfect, just move on!!

Fans will be glad to see Poonam married now: Gurdeep Kohli on Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain 3 1

So guess Poonam is now married to Abhi?

Yes, Poonam is married to Abhi. She was very hesitant but gives in to her life. Abhi loves her so much and she gave in to marry the guy who loves her. She has always been worried that nothing should go wrong. Now when everything is together after her marriage, her personality and worry are coming in her way. She is trying to keep everything fine between her and her husband who is 10 years younger to her. This is something not normal; she is trying to look younger and more desirable for him. This is all her fear, and this comes from her broken marriage with her first husband. This is what Poonam’s dynamic change is all about.

Apart from that, she is the same Poonam who is trying to keep all together. Nikki’s marriage is to happen in Season 3 and she is with her daughter in this journey. She is a mother and at the same time, trying to cope up with the new equation with her husband.

What is in store for Rohit and Poonam’s equation now?

See the relationship between Poonam and Rohit was never sour. She understood where Rohit was coming from. At the same time, Rohit knew Poonam was good at heart. She was also his confidante for advice in Season 2. So it is the same equation they have. It is just that Rohit has turned so toxic and alcoholic and Poonam has given up on him.

Everything happened in everyone’s life because of Rohit. Now that he is so screwed, he has screwed everyone’s life. Now he does not care. He expected Ananya to be of a certain type. When he loved and married her, he expected her to become Poonam, but that did not happen. Men in our society are used to their wife being a typical kind. This is what Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain is trying to show.

Fans will be glad to see Poonam married now: Gurdeep Kohli on Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain 3 2

What is the emotion that will come upfront in this season?

Just like the two seasons, this season will also show varied emotions. Rohit lived with two different women. When Ananya got to know of that one night between Rohit and Poonam where nothing of any sort happened, Ananya moved on. Poonam was a different woman and she accepted her husband with his faults. But Ananya is different; she could not take this truth. She walked away from Rohit when she was pregnant. This hit Rohit very badly. This is not to show anyone in a bad light. These are two different women he has fallen for. The going now gets tougher for all.

How did you enjoy working for this season?

We were so happy when we were told that Season 3 was happening. I was all the happier when I got my narration and understood what was coming. I was very excited, and that is exactly what viewers are seeing today in the trailer. It is going to be a full firecracker, this season. In TV, stories are always suppressed. But here, we are not brushing anything under the carpet. So I love it. I enjoyed every bit of the third season as much as I loved being part of the earlier two seasons.

I am personally happy that Poonam is married. What about you?

Thank you, yes People are very happy that Poonam is married. I have got immense love for my character. Though Rohit and Ananya’s love story is the main focus, Poonam as a character has got its worth. People wanted her to be happy and saw that she has so much love within her. She is such a giver in life. Now they are very happy that Abhi came into her life and they are together.

I hope Abhi and Poonam stay together at the end of this season.

(laughs) Touchwood, let us see…