Mohit Malhotra who started his career with Mitwa Phool Kamal Ke and Splitsvilla 2 has come a long way as an actor.

He has positive as well as the negative roles with utmost elan. We have seen him don interesting characters in shows Bade Achche Laggte Hain, Sasural Genda Phool, Kya Hua Teraa Vaada, Beintehaa, Jamai Raja and the very recent Daayan.

Mohit will now be making his digital debut with the Vikram Bhatt series that will stream on Jio Cinema titled Maaya 3. The series is directed by Krishna Bhatt.

In an exclusive interview with, Mohit Malhotra speaks about Maaya 3 and the experience of working for web.


This is your first major digital work in Maaya 3. How has the experience been?

It has been an absolutely amazing experience. It’s a different format and I love every bit of it. I can’t wait for the series to release and have everyone enjoy watching it.

Working with Krishna and Vikram Bhatt. How was the journey.?

They are lovely people to work with. Krishna Bhatt and I had so much fun on the sets. She is young and a very talented Director. Vikram sir with his incredible experience has been a mentor to me and I am happy that I got this opportunity.

Maaya has been a brand. How was it to be part of the successful franchise project?

Yes that’s true and I totally feel blessed to be part of a successful franchise like Maaya. I can’t wait for this one to be even more successful than the earlier ones.

Tell us about your role in the series?

I play a photographer in the series. He is a young and very talented professional who’s also very emotional and vulnerable at the same time.

Maaya 3 offers ground for yet another complex love story. Take us through it.

Maaya 3 is a relationship drama based on the complexities that people go through in their lives. To know more and understand these complexities and how the story advances you will have to watch the series.

How was it working with experienced actors in the series?

It’s an absolutely enriching working with experienced actors. There was so much to learn from Mukul Sir and Deepshikha M’am. When you are working with such talented actors, your craft also gets on to another level.

Mohit Malhotra, how different is working on web platform when it comes to TV?

Since there’s no pressure of telecast, so things are little easy while shooting a web show. As a web series is finite with a certain number of episodes, it has a fixed schedule. So everyone gets their time to prepare themselves, and is more organised and effective. Having said that, both TV and web have their own audience, and as an actor for me, it’s always the role and the script that’s more important than the medium.  

How do you think your career has moved in all the years?

It’s been a fantastic journey and new avenues are opening up each day. I am very grateful that I have been doing some really good work in the last few years and the viewers have garnered me with so much love. There’s so much more still to explore and experience.

Has any kind of role eluded you till now? What is it?

I’d say comedy. I’d really love to explore the comedy genre.

Any regrets in your career

None at all.

What are your next plans?

Well, certainly the days ahead would go in scouting for interesting concepts and scripts, irrespective of the medium whether TV, web or movies.

Mohit Malhotra, wish you all the luck!!