Mr. Faisus’s TikTok flashback

FlashbackFriday with Mr. Faisu’s Old TikTok Videos

Shaikh Mudassir Faisal, now known as Mr. Faisu on social media, is loved by the audience and great female following. Not only he has hawt and dashing looks but also has a great fashion sense. The dashing personality is cool and it isn’t wrong to say he is a chocolate boy who makes girls go weak on their

Mr. Faisu is one of the most famous TikTok celebrities in India. He is the crush for many single ladies out there. He is getting attention with his cute smile and dashing attire. He was recently awarded the Best Influencer Award. He has become a style icon for all young boys. The TikTok star keeps updating his fans
with his new and cool videos. But how can we forget his flashback, where he started his TikTok career.

Mr. Faisal has traveled around the world for his TikTok videos. He also has many projects lined up. Yes!

He is a gym freak. He also has his TikTok team known as Team_07 which includes some of his friends. His unique smile, creative ideas, and slashing personality are what have made him successful.

So here are some of his TikTok videos…Hope you will enjoy.

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