Sumeet Vyas, the digital sensation talks about his upcoming movie High Jack.

Humour of the movie High Jack will be very different from what is usually seen – Sumeet Vyas

Popular actor and writer Sumeet Vyas is pretty much excited about his first solo hero venture on the big screen with the movie ‘High Jack’. It makes him even more excited for the fact that the movie has been directed by close friend Akarsh Khurana.

Says Sumeet, “The most attractive part about the movie is that I get to work with Akarsh Khurana, who is like my brother and dear friend. We have had a long association of over 8-10 years. We have written Tripling together, and have worked together in plays. With us having the trust factor, things fell in place. I really enjoy his writing. This was one of the first scripts I read alone in my house, and laughed my ass off (smiles). The communication between us is very simple. He is an open director and is open to better ideas. Above all, the movie is very funny.”

Talking about the movie High Jack, Sumeet states, “It is a mad comedy. It is about a plane being hijacked and the people are high on the plane while they are hijacked. It is a psychedelic mess. Also the brand of comedy is very different. It will not be on your face. We have used the dry British kind of humour. It is very different from what we usually see in comedy.On the face of it, it looks very colourful, but the humour is very dry and still. You saw a glimpse of this kind of humour in Tripling.”

Sumeet wishes and hopes that the people go and watch the film. “I can definitely guarantee that they will be entertained. Actually that was the whole motto behind making the film. I think we were never out there to spread a message to the audience. We were just trying to make a fun film, which people can see and have a laugh.”

The music of the film is very unique and special with Nucleya collaborating for three numbers. Also rapper Chaitnya Sharma has rapped a number. “Music in the movie is huge, and it is one thing to look forward to. I really love the songs.”

On his role, Sumeet explains, “I play a DJ in the movie. This is not something that I have done before. The guy is in a bit of a soup right now, because of the circumstances he is in. He tries to do something to get out of the situation, and gets caught in the plane. In the plane too, he tries to rescue everyone, but ends up screwing it.”

On his co-stars, the digital sensation states, “We have Kumud Mishra, Sonnalli Sehgall, RJ Mantra, Nipun Dharmadhikari who are fantastic actors. Besides the ones you know, there are lot of exceptional actors from the theatre too. There are many new faces who are very good at work.”

The Premium video-on-demand service Viu India has teamed up with Phantom Films to produce this movie. With this, the biggie player will be adding a new feather in terms of its original content. “This is my first time working with Phantom. Viu has been very supportive and not interfering at all. The movie is a theatrical release, in India and all over the world. It releases at a good time, with the summer holidays coming. The targeted audience are the ones till the age of 25. Hence we have our fingers crossed.”

High Jack releases on 20 April.

Also confirming the news of Tripling 2, Sumeet states, “Akarsh and I are writing the script for Tripling 2. So that should go on floor in May or June this year. But as of now, the movie is the biggest thing that I look forward to.”

Wish you all the luck for the movie, Sumeet!!

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