Hip-hop artist Naved Shaikh, popularly known as Naezy, by his stage name, has entered the Bigg Boss house in the Jio Cinema show Bigg Boss OTT 3. Coming from a very different background, Naezy comes across as a very creative person, who dislikes drama and arguments. Having made it evident in a talk before he entered the house, we wonder how Naezy will adapt to the fights and drama inside the Bigg Boss house.

Says Naezy about his very different background and lifestyle, “I have not seen the recent editions of Bigg Boss. I have seen the TV editions of Bigg Boss though when I was young. My circle of work and living is very different, we are from a hip-hop background. We prefer to have a peaceful life. Bigg Boss is known for its dramas and fights. It is a show which has drama and controversies. We usually keep away from such problems.”

Adding on about himself, Naezy states, “As a person, I don’t argue a lot. My relationships in work and real life are made without any arguments. I avoid arguments in general.”

On what he will miss the most after getting into the Bigg Boss house, Naezy states, “I am going to miss chilling with my friends and family. I will miss the love given to me by my family.”

On how he will adapt to the growing tensions inside the house, Naezy with a sense of confidence says, “I will be competitive, at the same time I will be calm and composed.”

About the manner in which he will deal with problems, Naezy avers, “I am not worried about it. I will handle it well. If something is happening beyond a certain limit, I will retaliate. If there are personal attacks, I will respond then and there. I will not take it as a trauma, I will fight it out there and finish it.

On coming face to face with any scare from his past, which is a norm in the Bigg Boss house, he states, “I will deal with problems truthfully. And if any segment of my past is brought in front of me, I will deal as per the other person’s behaviour.”

Best of luck, Naezy!!