Aniruddh Roy is happy and thrilled to have been part of the cast of the upcoming Prashant Jade film, Bae-Dard. He is seen talking about the thrilling experience.

It was a tremendous learning experience shooting for Bae-Dard: Aniruddh Roy

Actor Aniruddh Roy is happy to have shot for his upcoming project, Bae-Dard, which will be a rom-com comedy slice of life family entertainer. The film is produced by Prashant Jade. and the banner XpressionZ Productions. Aniruddh promises loads of fun and excitement for viewers as they watch this light-hearted presentation which is a recreation of 70’s comedy films’ feel.

Aniruddh who will be seen in the Karisma Kapoor starrer web series on ZEE5, Brown, has also shot for a Netflix film which is written and directed by Jaidev Ranade, titled ‘Don’t Send Me No Flowers When I’m Dead’.

Stating this role in Bae-Dard to be different from what he has done before, Aniruddh tells us, “This is a totally different role to what I am in real life. It was more challenging as none of the attributes of the character matched mine. I am sure viewers will find this character entertaining.”

“Bae-Dard was shot last year (2022) in November and we wrapped up in March this year. I was shuttling between different locations and multiple projects, and it was fun. We had guerilla shoots in real locations where no one could guess we were shooting. Cameras were hidden and we were just going with the flow. It was challenging but the learning curve was tremendous,” he explains.

Aniruddh will play the role of Shashank in the film. Bae-Dard is written, edited and directed by Prashant Jade, Bengaluru based filmmaker and voice-over artist and NSD alumni. It features actors Sue Anieson, Naimunn, Amit Mehta, Mann Chhatbar, Abhijeet Sahay, Kavita Jindal, Param, ShriJai Kiran, Ashish Rana, Tejasveeta Pawar, Ankita Chandel, Shirsa Sengupta, Suprabhat Tripathy, Prateek, Rajendra Nadagouda.

Best of luck, Aniruddh!!